How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft

It is easy to fishing in Minecraft. You can find a wide variety of items by simply putting your line in the water. These waters are not just for fish. There are many reasons to fish. You can find everything from junk like Leather Armor pieces, to valuable items like Enchantment Books. A Fishing Rod is necessary before you can start collecting that stuff. Here’s how to make one.

How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft

It is very easy to make a Minecraft Fishing Rod. Three sticks and two pieces string are all you need to make a fishing rod in Minecraft. Sticks are one of the first items that you will find in every Minecraft world. You can create Sticks by simply knocking out a treeblock.

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String can be gathered in a variety of ways. Killing spiders is the fastest way to obtain it in an early Minecraft game. You can also use Cobwebs to make String. However, if you have a new world, this is unlikely to help you find String. You can also find String in Chests in different structures. These chests are given to you by Cats in the morning as a gift and can be traded with Villagers.

Once you have three sticks and two strings, go to a Crafting Table to make your Fishing Rod. You will need to place the Sticks in three slots. The middle right and bottom left slots will hold the String. You are now ready to fish!

You can fish by simply holding the Fishing Rod in one’s hand and using it to cast your line. When you retrieve your line, you will be pulled to them if you hit another person or a mob. You can fish by throwing it in any water source block. You can reel in your catch by waiting for the bobber’s to drop.

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