How to land successfully Dash attacks as The Pig in Dead by Daylight

The Pig is an incredibly vicious Killer that is a challenge to conquer when Dead by Daylight. She has some truly clever methods of causing harm and killing survivors, among them can be seen in the Dash attack. It’s not easy to perform and that’s why we’ve created this guide to help you to land successfully Dash attacks and take down those Survivors quickly.

How to land successfully Dash attacks as The Pig

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To make use of the Pig’s Dash attack, you have to turn your back and walk around until you can spot the Survivor. If you’re crouching, you’re slower, but you’ll still be easily detected. However, when you execute This attack correct method, you’ll be able to land your Dash attack. You’ll have recharge the Ambush attack prior to using it, however it will automatically start when fully charged, just like the chainsaw attack of The Hillbilly. Keep this in mind and only charge the attack if you are able to detect the Survivor just in front of you.

How to land successful Dash attacks as The Pig in Dead by Daylight

The Dash assault is quick and lets The Pig move forward for around four seconds before she slashes the weapon. If you get upon the Survivor She’ll attack and cause injury to them prior. You are able to control the direction of the attack, which means you can make use of it in corners when you are aware that the Survivor has been working with an generator or recovering close to. The trick to use this technique is to watch for sly Survivors who believe they are able to outrun you or are looking to break loose from their allies.

The most success was found with The Pig’s Dash attack on the Survivor who was either fixing the generator or disconnecting. The benefit of unhooking is it provides you with the time frame you can use. Simply wait until the Survivor to start unhooking process, and then take the attack and then you must be able to hit at minimum an Survivor prior to they go off. In the event that it’s a Dash attack to finish an Daily Ritual or Tome challenge You only need to strike the targets. There is no requirement to knock eliminate an Survivor except as specified, therefore hitting them is sufficient. You can then use reverse beartraps or regular attacks to take the Survivors.

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