How to kill the Hackett Family in The Quarry

If you’re hoping to keep all nine counselors from The Quarry alive, you’re likely to need to kill at least a few members belonging to that Hackett family. You can also get rid of the whole clan and that’s exactly the thing Eliza demands of you, actually. If you’re determined to fulfill her wishes Here’s the steps you’ll need to take.

How to kill the Hackett Family in The Quarry


In the Quarry Kaylee dies on her own as an element of the plot. Laura is going to shoot her offscreen in Chapter 5 regardless of anything you do before the moment. One down.


How to kill the Hackett Family in The Quarry

The process of killing Constance is quick and filthy. She’ll drag Laura from her cellar right at beginning of Chapter 9 and they’ll argue over the shotgun in the darkness. You can win this quick-paced scenario, and you’ll end with her shooting in the face with an accident.


How to kill the Hackett Family in The Quarry

In the following Chapter, Laura will fight Jedidiah as she turns. Make a decision to take on Jedidiah at the moment that the game prompts it to, and then complete the fast time event. Then, you’ll kill him in one hand, using the strength of a werewolf.

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Chris, Bobby, and Travis

The three events occur at the same time, which is why they’re all grouped together. First, get the knife and use it in the event that Ryan is stabbed. You can also make use of it to strike Bobby back if you get into a fight with Ryan later. In both instances Ryan will die by werewolf Chris as he’s in no position to defend himself. After that you’ll aim at the shotgun alongside Ryan. Shoot Chris to protect yourself.

Travis The fate of Travis is split here. If you did not pass the QTE in Chapter 7, when Laura tried to grab his gun during Chapter 7, Travis will end get shot. In the end, Chris will stab Laura to death when Chris is killed. Then, he approaches Ryan and gives you the chance to kill Ryan as well.

If you succeeded in disarming him during chapter 7, then he’ll join together along with Laura and Ryan for the final battle. This is the satisfying conclusion, but there’s still the chance to take him down. If you don’t take your weapon and kill Silas inside his cage, Silas will end up killing all the three members of your group, Travis included.


There are two methods of killing Caleb. One method is effective regardless of whether Travis, Laura, and Ryan join forces, however another is the only method to kill Caleb when the trio isn’t together.

The first method is shooting him using silver shells. If Abi along with Emma are inside the shelter for storms in chapter 9, make certain to grab themthey’re lying in the dirt near Emma after she has left. If Kaitlyn is running away from her werewolf, in chapter 10, make sure to go to Abi and Emma as they call. The two will roll their shells over to Kaitlyn underneath the door. Utilize this to shoot Caleb to kill him using silver. This method works regardless of whether the trio consisting of Travis, Laura, and Ryan are confronted by Silas.

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The second method is only effective only if the trio are planning to kill the man. This is a requirement from Chapter 1. In the role of Abi is able to, she will help Emma to break into the cabin that is locked. After entering the cabin, you can turn left and find an stuffed rabbit on the shelf. Place it in your bag to use the future. Then, go back to Chapter 10. Instead of heading towards Abi and Emma make Kaitlyn take refuge. She’ll make her way towards the kitchen.

If you decide to use the freezer, and then throw the decoy, instead of going inside yourself. This puts Caleb inside. Once Silas is killed the curse of Caleb will be lifted, however Caleb will die in the frigid temperature within.

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