How to Increase the Card Storage within Lost Ark

Find out how you can get more card storage in Lost Ark, so you can increase your collection of cards and build additional decks.

If you find that your Card Catalog is full in Lost Ark, you’re probably contemplating how you could free more space. As you collect more cards by collecting rewards and quests and rewards, you’ll likely be at the top of your list and will be unable to utilize the latest cards. There are several alternatives in the event of this We’ll go over the basics in the following paragraphs.

In the beginning, it’s important to keep in mind that every player’s library of cards is restricted by default. When you begin playing, you may think that there’s plenty of space for more cards, but they start becoming a lot more crowded. As you get to level 50 and begin climbing the levels, you’ll quickly realize that you’ll need more room for cards. However, there’s no limitless card storage. It is necessary to expand the storage capacity of your card catalog and purchase more slots in order to include more cards to Lost Ark.

How to expand the Card Storage within Lost Ark

To expand the storage of cards to accommodate more cards Lost Ark, follow these steps:

  • Press Alt+C to display the Cards tab.
  • Click on the tab Enhance (third tab)
  • Scroll to the bottom of your collection of cards
  • Click on Expand Catalog Slots button.
  • Pay 30 Crystals to get 10 additional slots

The only option to expand the amount of storage on your cards is by buying more space. If you don’t have an additional Crystals available The only alternative to free up space is to erase cards that aren’t needed.

It could be an odd thing to use Crystals for in the beginning, but if you’ve got an excess of gold or an option to make one on the spot it is possible to purchase money with gold. It’s not that difficult to transform all of your precious metal into crystals, and extend the amount of storage on your card whenever you want to.

Every player will eventually have to increase their catalog of cards as the default limit does not allow even one of each card. Don’t be fooled, however you don’t have to buy Crystals using real money to get more slots on your card. Instead, concentrate on finding ways to create game gold to use it to expand the number of cards you have!

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