How to hold your breath in The Quarry

In previous Supermassive Games titles like Until Dawn There were challenges where you had to hold the controller to keep from monsters or any other danger. The Quarry removes the requirement to hold the breath, and instead introduces “don’t breath” moments. The name suggests the moments in which you must be alert or else risk things turning to the south. It’s not possible to keep your cool anytime during The Quarry, but you’ll need to know how to conquer these particular challenges. Check out the information.

Don’t take a breathe moments in The Quarry, explained

How to hold your breath in The Quarry

Don’t take a breath when you are being asked to and you’ll be able to see an option on the screen to hit and hold. The ability to survive the challenge requires you to keep your eyes open until you feel the menace has gone away. The game offers you audio and visual cues for the moment to let go. Start by watching the screen.

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If you see that the hunter or monster is right in front of you, it’s the best time to be there. A red flash on the screen is a sign. If the redness stops it’s good to go. Also, the heart-pounding sound will disappear.

There are three ways you could possibly fail these situations, however. In the first instance, if you do not push the button that allows you to keep your breath initially then you’ll be taken in. If you let go of your breath too quickly it will also catch you. In the end, if you do not let go of the button and you don’t release it, the red bars on the right side of your screen go down, and the character will release a loud gasp. This could — you know what catch you.

Don’t Breathe accessibility settings

If these situations seem excessively intense or you’re in need of accessibility settings to get you get through these moments, there’s good information: The Quarry has that option. You can open the accessibility menu and you can configure your accessibility settings to run automatically.

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