How to heal in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Forgotten Saga

Healing is a concept you may not be aware of in the Assassin’s Conquest Valhalla main game, in which you are able to use rations to replenish your health after combat frequently. It isn’t possible to bring the rations you’ve purchased with you into Niflheim because Odin is undergoing an experience known as the Forgotten Saga to try liberating his son, Baldr, from Hel’s castle. In the end, Odin is forced to find a different way for his health, in order to live through the undead desert. Here’s everything you need to learn about the process of heal or healing in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Forgotten Saga.

How healing works in the Forgotten Saga

There are three methods to heal, however two are superior to the third option. The most effective way to heal during this Forgotten Saga is to seek out the Elk statues. They can be found on your way, usually before entering another location where you need to overcome a variety of enemies. They can be located using your compass. An Elk antler icon is likely to signal where you should locate the creatures.

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If you come across the statue, engage with it and you’ll get an influx of healing from the statue. It is typical to heal for 100 health. Another option is to finish the last part of a race and confront an encounter with the Wandering Merchant. The merchant will be present when you fight the final boss. Additionally, they’ll sell Elk Antlers for 300 coins. you can buy to restore your health. They also give you the health score of 100.

Another way to partially heal was doing health Upgrade pathways. When you complete these pathways, they increase Your Maximum Health up to 25 points. It not only boosts the Maximum Health of your body and increase the health of your current one, going to 25. It is considered to be a smaller heal and you’ll be much better off using Elk Antlers.

You’ll want to look on these figures as you progress through your journey through the Forgotten Saga. They can make a big impact on your go through this difficult journey.

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