How to Get & Use Mounts in Lost Ark

Lost Ark as the majority of huge-scale MMORPG offers an incredibly vast world to explore and explore. Even if you’ve kept up with your fitness routine the vast expanse of land isn’t easy to explore on the foot. However, Lost Ark has a mount system that will get you from point A to B more quickly, and in a more elegant manner. Learn how to acquire and make use of the mounts available within Lost Ark.

How to Get Mounts in Lost Ark

In general there are two methods to obtain the mounts you need In Lost Ark: completing quests and purchasing the mounts. Certain quests within the game, including primary quests and sidequests will occasionally award you an item upon conclusion, similar to the as you’d receive items or items from completing the quest. The first horse very early in the game.

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Arriving in Prideholme after you’ve completed this game’s Prologue will award players with three horses that are essential to your traveling needs.

If the regular brown horses can’t provide the necessary support however there are other options to purchase fancy horses and other mountable creatures through the in-game shop. A few of them are available in pieces to purchase Royal Crystals from either the store or the Auction House, while others can be dropped randomly from events chests.

However, regardless of the method you’ll have to shell out some actual cash to acquire these stunning mounts.

How to Use Mounts in Lost Ark

Once you’ve got a mount you can identify as your own, getting onto it is fairly simple. Mounts are kept in an inventory separate apart from the gear and other items that you can summon them at any time you’re allowed. Here’s how you call your horse:

  • Use Alt + V to open the menu for mounting.
  • There should be a list of all the mounts that are in your possession. Just click the icon that corresponds to the one you’d like to ride and it’ll show up.
  • You can also drag the mount’s icon onto your hotbar, and then call it up with a single click
  • When you are ready to get off, simply press the icon once more.

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Don’t be afraid to utilize your horses as often as you’re able. There’s no reason to wear out your feet when you have an excellent horse at the end of the day.

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