How to get to South Vern in Lost Ark

South Vern in Lost Ark is the newest continent, features a new main storyline and rewards for completing quests. It takes some effort to get to South Vern, which requires a strong Tier 3 character as well as completion of all continents.

You will need a Tier 3 character with Item Level 1340 who has completed Punika. Once you have completed Punika and reached the appropriate Item Level, you will be granted a quest that allows you to access South Vern. You don’t have to sail to a new place. Simply go to North Vern.

Simply follow the quests to take you around North Vern. Once you have completed the quests, South Vern will be available to you. South Vern is a new continent that doesn’t yet have a major hub. You’ll still be doing your daily duties in Punika or North Vern.

You can still unlock the quests even if you’ve completed South Vern with one character. These quests are highly recommended, as they provide a lot of honing material.

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