How to get The White Wolf achievement in The Quarry

The Quarry includes a variety of achievement and trophies that relate to the story and its choices, One of the most notable, The White Wolf, occurs late in the game, and you’re going to want to learn how to unlock it so that you don’t to drop the ball in your home run. Find out the steps to follow and be aware that there could be potential spoilers at the end in the match ahead.

How do I get to the White Wolf achievement before Chapter 10?

The ability to achieve this achievement until the end chapter in the game but there are certain actions you must be aware of earlier in order to ensure you’re on the right route. The main focus of these decisions is about Laura as well as the Sheriff Travis Hackett. But, the correct choices can also play a role in helping everyone get throughout the entire game, so click the link to find a tutorial to the other crucial steps towards achieving that final goal.

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The very first crucial moment happens in Chapter 7, as Laura and Max try to escape from the prison. If you can locate the tranquilizer, and conceal it with success (it’s inside a locker just outside 3rd door, on second level of station) Then you’re in good shape. Laura will narcose Travis and walk away peacefully.

In the absence of that, you’ll have be extra vigilant when you escape: make certain not to mess up the fast timer when grappling away Travis the gun. If you do, he’ll be shot in the stomach. This isn’t what you want so make sure you follow all the prompts.

The end of chapter 9, Ryan will be prepared to fire his gun in the massive werewolf battle. It’s time to shoot Chris Hackett here; he’s closest to you. The result will change Laura back to her human form. If Travis was killed before she was killed, he’ll stab Laura to death. It’s not something you want to do. If you have escaped from jail without incident Then he, Laura, and Ryan are all set to collaborate in the final.

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How to get the White Wolf achievement in Chapter 10

You’ll be given an opportunity to gain this title. In the last moments during the match, your group will be able to see Silas inside his cage. Take your gun and shoot Silas. He’ll take out all three of you should you fail to do so. Shooting him will lift the curse on werewolves and allows White Wolf. White Wolf achievement.

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