How to get the Watchdog’s Staff in Elden Ring

You might have fought with the Watchdogs in The Lands Between. The stone-armed enemies carry an axe and then slam it into the ground to cause massive destruction. It is amazing that you can get their weapon, too. It’s called the Watchdog’s Staff is a strength-based weapon that has the capability to make magic without any knowledge. It’s with Sorcery of the Crozier skill which allows you to summon glintstone projectiles to follow targets. Here is how you can get the Watchdog’s Staff in Elden Ring.

Watchdog’s Staff Location in Elden Ring

To get this weapon, you’ll have to travel through Liurnia of the lakes. It is the area that lies to North of Limgrave and is accessible via Stormveil Castle or the cliffside route. It is recommended to avoid Stormveil cannot be recommended if you’re novice to the game, or aren’t leveled because it will require you to fight simultaneously Margit and Godrick. It is possible to take the cliffside path through the bridge that is broken just to the west from Stormveil Castle and following the adjacent cliffs.

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Watchdog's Staff in Elden Ring

When you arrive located in Liurnia then head towards the north, to the opposite part of the lake. From there, you can head south towards Road’s End Catacombs. Road’s End Catacombs. These catacombs are hidden in the cliffside and are can be difficult to locate.

You will have to walk through the catacombs and you will arrive at the first room. You will find the end of the room and hit the wall to the left of the staircase. The wall will reveal a secret room with some imps in it. If you defeat the imps, you’ll be able to spot the Watchdog’s staff behind them.

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