How to get the Reactive Pulse mod in Destiny 2 and what it does

It’s the Reactive Pulse mod in Destiny 2 is a fantastic option and one that you must include in your arsenal of Guardians. It’s a mod that you’ll require purchasing from a seller in the game before you are able to begin making it an available option on your armor. For those who are using Arc armor or intend to incorporate it into their Arc sub-class it’s an essential item especially for melee-focused builds. This guide will show you how to get Reactive Pulse, the Reactive Pulse mod and what it can do to combat in Destiny 2.

Where can I find where to find Reactive Pulse mod in Destiny 2

Its Reactive Pulse mod will typically be available in Ada-1’s vendors. She is located on the Tower next to The Drifter. You’ll need to talk with her in order to purchase the mod. It’ll cost you 10,000 Glimmer. If you don’t have the Glimmer we suggest exploring Destiny 2 to complete any Public Events happening on any of the planets, patrols, Crucible or Gambit matches, Vanguard Strikes, or playing the game. Everything you do can earn you Glimmer.

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What does the Reactive Pulse mod does in Destiny 2

There are two functions that are part of The Reactive Pulse mod. One is that when your Guadian is charged with Light, every time you suffer damage when confronted by other players it releases a blast of destructive Arc energy, and consume 1 stack charged Light. The second benefit is Reactive Pulse. Reactive Pulse is available only when another Arc mod that is connected to your armor using the mod or if you already have a Charged With Light mod socked into your armor , perhaps on the Guardian. If this is the case this, the second bonus gives you a strong shield while finishing your final move.

How to get the Reactive Pulse mod in Destiny 2

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