How to get the Motorcycle Mount in Lost Ark

Lost Ark players don’t suffer from a lack in choice in regards to riding their favorite horses. With more than 175 mounts available all together, that range in appearance from hoverboards to horses there’s an exclusive design for each player for any occasion. Motorcycle Mount

The keen-eyed players who check out Smilegate’s releases to the public may have noticed promotional images in the latter half of 2021 that featured Lost Ark characters on motorcycles and wanted to be a part of that fun. The gap between new and old content within the game’s western servers -between the western servers – North America, South America, Western Europe and Central Europe is an issue Smilegate is, at the time at the time of writing, working to solve.

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Motorcycle Mount: East does not meet west.

Motorcycle mounts are actually present within Lost Ark. Actually the style of mount is so advanced that it can include variations in the design and color.

  • Dantier Roader (Black, Dark, Gold, Lime, Marine, Pink, Red, White)
  • Wingsuit Bike (Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White)

However, these bikes and other mounts are not available and cannot be played in the western version of the MMO. In spite of Lost Ark initially being an Korean release The motorcycles were able stay clear of Korean servers which are currently located only within its Russian community.

They are in a certain way, still accessible to players. But, potential bikers will need to sign up for an completely brand new Lost Ark account within the game’s Russian network. The process involves activating the VPN that is located within the Russian Federation as well as signing up with Lost Ark under a Russian email address, and then restarting with a new account.

In the end, because of the various hoops players have to jump through to feel the breeze blow through their hair, we do not suggest western players to rebuild their character completely from scratch in order to have an individual mount. However, in the future, Smilegate may slowly re-implement eastern content for its rapidly expanding western market.

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