How to get the Medical Malpractice Weapon in Fallout 76

Medical Malpractice was a weapon which was introduced with in the Wild Appalachia update for Fallout 76. The weapon was designed to be used with V.A.T.S. with the intention of targeting, so those with a build that is centered around the targeting system need to be aware that this weapon is worth the time to purchase. This is among the most frequently used weapons in case you’re low on health and want to help your team. It is, however, going to take some time to get.

Medical Malpractice Stats

It is a Medical Malpractice weapon is capable of being used at an arsenal workbench. The stats for the basic weapon aren’t particularly impressive with a damage base that is around 60. This can be increased by using the different revolver modifications available from dealers and also by removing other revolvers in the wilderness. Once it is crafted, the weapon has these perks:

How to get the Medical Malpractice Weapon in Fallout 76

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  • V.A.T.S. vitals are a way to heal yourself as well as your close allies
  • +33% V.A.T.S. Chance of hitting
  • 25 percent less V.A.T.S. Action Points are priced at 25% less

These benefits permit you to use the weapon efficiently when you are relying on V.A.T.S. People who don’t have a focus on V.A.T.S. should stay clear of this weapon and instead focus on an higher-powered weapon.

How to obtain the Medical Malpractice

In contrast to other legendary weapons in Fallout 76, the only method to get The Health Malpractice weapon through the process of crafting the weapon. While you used to be able to acquire the weapon via an adventure however, now you can find the plans through it’s Daily Op mission. While any level can earn you the plans to craft this Medical Malpractice weapon, it’s recommended to finish your Daily Op with the Elder Tier as it will guarantee you an Daily Op reward. When you’ve got the blueprints, you’ll require the following materials to make the weapon:

  • One Adhesive
  • Two Legendary Modules
  • One Oil
  • Six Screws
  • 15 Steel

If you need assistance with to obtain your Legendary Modules required, make sure to convert any legendary weapons and armor you may already own in Scrip by visiting one of the railway stations. Then, you can purchase Legendary Modules at the Purveyor.

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