How to get The Lead Mage’s Lid cosmetic item in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Certain cosmetics are small , and others are big. Other cosmetic items are fashionable however some of them are boring. There are plenty of cosmetic items you can find throughout the Wonderlands. Each is able to alter the appearance of your character to suit your personal preferences. Perhaps you’d like to appear like a punk rocker or you want to look like a barbarian. Perhaps you want to display your self-confident wizard. It’s your choice. Here’s how to find The Lead Mage’s Lid cosmetic item from Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

About The Lead Mage’s Lid cosmetic item

Make your mage shine by using The Mage’s Lid. The massive hat can allow you to stand out from your peers and show off your skills as a master spellcaster. You can get this rare accessory from one of the bosses available within the game. To get to the boss, you’ll have to complete an extensive side quest that will require a bit of assistance of The Punch father himself. Prepare yourself to be an for adventure.

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The Lead Mages Lid cosmetic

The boss you’re going to have to work for is known as Parasite. Parasite is found in the Tangledrift region within the globe. It is accessible through the Walk the Stalk side quest which is given to you by the magical bean located in front of Brighthoof within the Overworld. After completing the quest, you’ll be fighting Parasite close to The What’s Left of Driftwood fast travel place. When the boss is defeated, you will be able to utilize the speedy travel location to return anytime. It is important to ensure you’ve got shock, fire and frost elementsal weapons to take on this monster. It is important to boost your Loot Luck prior take on this boss in order to make getting the cosmetic item simpler. You can boost your Loot Luck by finishing this Shrine of Aaron G and collecting the Lucky Dice.

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