How to Get the Handmade Rifle Plans in Fallout 76

You don’t know what powerful weapons await you when you begin your adventure in the Appalachian wastelands in Fallout 76. There are weapons that shoot electricity and others that can fire radiation-coated missiles. Then there are those that just fire bullets. Although the Handmade Rifle is a standard weapon compared to other powerful guns in the game’s arsenal, it is still one of the most powerful. Get the Handmade Rifle plans before it’s too late.

How to make a handmade rifle plan

There are many places you can find the Handmade Rifle Plans. You will need to search for the plans in order to locate them. These are the areas where you can find the plans.

Handmade Rifle Plans fallout 76

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  • Toxic Valley Containers
  • These plans may appear in different areas, where they tend to spawn at the Toxic Vale
  • For players between levels 15-49, this reward can be used in the Daily Ops mission.
  • There is a 10% chance that you will be awarded from the Patrol Duty mission

You can search for the weapon plans from any of the vendors on the map. The weapon plans can only be purchased if you have reached level 15. Whitespring Resort’s Shopping Mall and Free States vendors are the best places to buy the plans. The plans can also be purchased from Watoga Station’s vendor. The plans for the Handmade Rifle can be purchased from the vendor in Watoga Station.

How to craft a handmade rifle

The Handmade Rifle, like other weapons in the game can be made at any weapons workshop in the wastelands. To make the Handmade Rifle, you will need the following materials:

  • 8 Adhesive
  • 7 Copper
  • 9 Gears
  • 7 Oil
  • 13 screws
  • 15 Springs
  • 15 Steel
  • 12 Wood

These are the crafting materials required to create the highest level weapon. At level 15, you can begin building Handmade Rifles. You can get the modes for the Handmade Rifle, just like the other weapons you make in the game.

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