How to get the Frozen Armament sorcery in Elden Ring

The frostbite mechanic first appeared by the game Dark Souls 3 and has been reintroduced to Elden Ring. This status effect, just like the bleed state effect creates a meters. When the meter is fully charged and the victim is affected, they suffer an amount of damage equivalent to a portion of their maximum health. This effect of status can be an essential part of your game and could be extremely useful in dealing with specific enemies and bosses. This Frozen Armament spell allows you to coat your weapon with frost damage. It can also be combined with other weapon arts to create additional damage. This is how you can gain this Frozen Armament sorcery in Elden Ring.

To gain access to this magic it is necessary to travel to Liurnia. It is located that lies to north of Limgrave located on the opposite part of Stormveil Castle. To access the area, you’ll be required to pass to Stormveil Castle to take on Margit or Godrick. It is also possible to reach Liurnia by following the cliffside path west to the east of Stormveil Castle next to the broken bridge. Both paths will take you to the Lake-Facing Cliff Sites of Grace.

How to get Frozen Armament sorcery in Elden Ring

When you arrive at Liurnia Once you reach Liurnia, you’ll need to travel to the northernmost part of the region. There, you will come across an uphill that will lead you into Caria Manor. Be aware of the glintstone rain that falls down the hill when you get close. Once you have reached the manor, proceed through the manor and get to the boss at end.

The boss in this case will be Royal Knight Loretta, a powerful sorcerer. After defeating Loretta leave Caria Manor and head towards the left. The manor is behind you and you’ll see the Teardrop Scarab. Take down the scarab before the disappears and give you an item called the Frozen Armament sorcery.

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