How to get the Font of Might mod in Destiny 2 and what it does

The Font of Might mod, available in Destiny 2, is a reliable upgrade that can be added to your armor. This mod will immediately alter your gameplay and make your Guardian’s build more powerful. You can swap the mods on your armor with those you’ve bought at any time. Additionally, you can continue to build your mod collection by talking to the many vendors in Destiny 2! This guide will show you how to obtain the Font of Might mod in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: Where can I find the Font of Might mod?

The Font of Might mod is available to appear on Ada-1. She is a vendor at the Tower and can be found across from the Drifter on West Side of Complex. Her mods change daily so you’ll want to make sure to log in to Destiny 2 every day to check what she has for sale. Each mod under her Material Exchange section is worth 10,000 Glimmer. The Font of Might mod is also worth 10,000 Glimmer.

We recommend that you visit any planet in the game if you don’t have the required amount. You can complete public events, patrols or matches in Crucible or Gambit, Vanguard Strikes or any other activity with your friends.

How to get the Font of Might mod in Destiny 2

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How Destiny 2 Font of Might mod works

The Font of Might mod can be attached to your armor. It grants you a temporary bonus to weapon damage for each elemental well you have. This is a great way to increase your character’s damage output and double down on their subclass.

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