How to get the Dr. Strange Fortnite Skin

Like many others who grew-up with Marvel stuff, I had some familiarity with Dr. Strange was a familiar name in those days. They didn’t have any cartoons or videogames and They didn’t have access the comics so the only thing we knew about him was from appearances in other heroes’ stuff. His portrayal by Benedict Cumberbatch made Strange one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes. So it’s only natural that he would be called to the Island. Here are the steps to getting the Dr. Strange Fortnite skin.

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 2 has begun over the weekend. There are a lot of new things in the game, both in terms the game’s mechanics as well as cosmetic swag. The new Dr. The new Dr. Strange Skin comes with several cosmetic items. You will need to pay a lot if you want to get this stuff.

How to get the Dr. Strange Fortnite Skin

Here, You need a Premium Pass to get Dr. Strange. After you get the Premium Battle Pass, it’s time to earn enough XP so you can work your way up to the back of all the rewards. Strange stuff isn’t unlocked until page 10. To unlock page 10, you must first get to level 90. Then, buy every item on the page until you reach the end. There are some strange things at level 100.

You’ll be able to unlock the following cosmetic items if you do all the work:

  • Dr. Strange player skin
  • Book of Cagliosto backbling
  • Spellwork Scimitar pickaxe

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