How to get the Commander’s Standard in Elden Ring

The Commander’s Standard has become a essential component of numerous designs. It’s not the most efficient in terms of attacking but its weapon design is an essential piece. This Commander’s Standard comes equipped with the Rallying Cry weapon art. When activated the weapon art grants the player and their nearby allies a +10 percent damage boost. The buff can be stacked with other weapons on the map to make incredible damage buildups. Here is how you can get the Commander’s Standard in Elden Ring. (Commander’s Standard in Elden Ring)

How to get the Commander’s Standard in Elden Ring

To acquire this weapon, you must travel towards in the Caelid region. It’s located in East of Limgrave and is accessible via a variety of methods. You can go towards Caelid through the northwestern region of Limgrave. You’ll know when you get there as the ground changes to a reddish hue. You can also get to faster by using the teleporting chest located in the Dragon Burnt Ruins in Lake Agheel. This method puts you in the middle of Caelid within the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

Commander Standard in Elden Ring

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Once you’ve reached Caelid then head to the region that is marked by the maps above. The area is located within an aquisition, and you’ll require a horse to travel through it. To the south from the Inner Aeonia Site of Grace You will find the center of the swamp, surrounded by several roots. There, you will meet the commander O’Neil. This fearsome adversary is element of Millicent’s journey. After defeat, he’ll take the Commander’s Standard together with the unalloyed gold Needle.

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