How to get the Cloak and Dagger cosmetic item in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

There are plenty of cosmetic items that you can find in the Wonderlands. This is good because it allows you to create your character into the person you would like to be. In these cosmetic items include tattoos as well as scars, makeup as well as armor designs and much more. While most of these items can be acquired at some point through the game, the 13 other cosmetics more difficult to obtain. This is how you can obtain this Cloak and Dagger cosmetic item in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

About Cloak and Dagger cosmetic item

Ideal for bringing out your self-defence skills This Cloak and Dagger cosmetic item will put your character in an Assassin’s creed-style hood, which lets people who are around you know you’re serious about business. This item of cosmetics is perfect for players going to this Stabbomancer class. It will take a long time and you’ll need to find an early-game boss to acquire it. We hope that you enjoy dealing with goblins since you will must fight against Vorcanar.

Cloak and Dagger cosmetic item in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

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To get to Vorcanar To reach Vorcanar, you must take on the side quest titled Goblins Are Tired of Oppression by Force. This side quest will take you to Mount Craw. When you’ve completed it you must finish your Slayer of Vorcanar quest. The quest will see you taking on and beating Vorcanar. After he has been defeated, you are able to go back to the arena making use of The Tribute Way fast travel point. Vorcanar is simple to eliminate when you’ve got deadly elemental weaponry. Be sure to increase your Loot Luck prior to farming to get this item in order to increase the odds of obtaining it. You can boost your luck by finding your Lucky Dice and by completing the Shrine of Aaron G.

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