Elden Ring: How to Get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring

Here’s everything you should be aware of to acquire The Bloody Finger in Elden Ring with a walkthrough of every step.

It’s a bit like Elden Ring, just like it was in Souls games and Bloodborne before it, players are given the option of gaining access to their opponents’ sessions as hostile players. There are many reasons to take advantage of this feature. Invading an area in which you kill the player rewards the player with a significant amount of Runes however, you can be doing it for an alternative to a game-approved way of griefing if an adoreable jerk. The only issue with invasion within Elden Ring, though, is that you require the right item for it, and you’ll consume the item while doing it. If you’re planning to be a snarky observer into other people’s business for a long time, you’ll require something different. Here’s how to get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring.

Typically, invading a player’s game requires using a flamboyant Bloody Finger. They are available in the form of dropped loot everywhere and many merchants offer them for as little as 1,000 Runes each. It’s frustrating to pay for the privilege of invasion it’s a good idea to simply invade without worrying about consumables, it’s best to purchase The Bloody Finger. Bloody Finger Bloody Finger is a special consumable item in the Elden Ring which can be used to intrude into other players’ games. To get the Bloody Finger you’ll have undergo an elaborate process.

Steps to Get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring

It’s going to be a complicated process, so if looking for a quick solution this is the short version:

  1. Visit Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes and talk to White-Faced Varre
  2. Take over any three players with bloody fingers that ooze with a flurry.
  3. Talk with Varre once more, and he will advise you to collect the Maiden’s blood. This can be obtained by three methods.
    a). Take the key from the fourth highest of the four Belfries, open the portal on the second highest and take on the Grafted Scion
    b). Explore the Church of Inhibition
    c). Kill Hyetta
  4. Donate the item with blood to Varre and he will present You the Bloody Finger

Visit Rose Church and Speak with White-Faced Varre – Elden Ring

The first order of business is that you must have defeated the first boss in the game, Godrick the Grafted. Additionally, you need an unlocked access to Roundtable Hold, but odds are high that you’ve already accomplished this if you’ve already beat Godrick. Once you’ve defeated Godrick Go back to Roundtable Hold and speak with the Two Fingers. After that you’re now ready to begin on the right foot.

It is necessary to locate it. It’s the Rose Church, located in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. It is located in the lake, near Raya Lucaria Academy.

Invade Players using Festering Bloody Fingers

In this area, you’ll meet the same guy known as White-Faced Varre. He was the guy in the area for tutorials at the start of the game, and was yelling at you about not having a maiden. Chat to Varre and he’ll ask what you think of your Two Fingers, to which you’ll have to reply “They didn’t seem right.” Varre will reward you with 5 frenzied Bloody Fingers, as well as a challengeto enter the world of at least three other players and try to take them down. It’s not necessary to win, you only need to play.

Obtain Maiden’s Blood

Once you’ve completed your adventure, go back to Varre who will provide you with a new opportunity. He will give you a piece from white oak referred to as Lord of Blood’s favor, and asks that you apply the blood of Maiden. Any Maiden will do Varre’s not picky.

This is where things get a little complex: there are three ways to accomplish this task. All of them end up with getting the blood of an maiden to be used in your clothing, however some of them are more involved than others.

First Option: Kill Hyetta

The wanderer in through the Lands Between is a blind Maiden called Hyetta. Hyetta is seen in several places within Liurnia of the Lakes, firstly in the Church of Irith, then close to the Lake-Facing Cliffs the western part of Purified Ruins as well as at the Gate Town Bridge, and the Bellum Church. Hyetta has her own story that is in progress, but should you happen to stumble across Hyetta and you don’t feel like taking on the other options you could kill her and collect her blood.

Second Option: Church of Inhibition

In the northeast region of Liurnia from the Lakes located just a short distance from the area’s Minor Erdtree, you’ll find the Church of Inhibition. This church, which has been demolished, is without life, but that’s perfect since all you need is the corpse of the Maiden inside it. You just need to interact with the body and you’ll be able to get the blood.

Third Option: The Four Belfries

This is most likely the most difficult option but it might be rewarding for you in a way you hadn’t expected. The western part of the same is a spot called The Four Belfries. It’s exactly as it sounds is: four belfries with different size. Inside a chest located in the belfry with the highest there is the Imbued Sword Key.

Make use of the key in the belfry with the second highest level for a portal into The Chapel of Anticipation The area that which you first found yourself in right at the beginning of the game. In this area, you’ll encounter the Grafted Scion, the giant monster which, most likely totally possessed you when you first started Elden Ring. It’s time to collect some revenge.

Once you’ve given the Dr. Scion a long-awaited smack Cross the bridge and go back to the spot where you started the game. There you’ll see a corpse of a Maiden filled with blood, ready for your contest.

Get the Bloody Finger

After you’ve collected the Maiden’s blood from the The Blood of God’s Love, take it back to Varre in the Rose Church and present it to Varre to present it to. In appreciation for your assistance, Varre will reward you with the Bloody Finger (which is actually one of your fingers that he cuts off). Now you can utilize your Bloody Finger from your inventory to enter other players’ worlds until you are satisfied. You monster.

Additionally, completing this quest can make your eyes start glowing with a sinister red hue, however should you not be a fan you can get rid of it by using your Cosmetics menu.

That’s how to get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring. For more related information and tutorials, look up another Guides of Where to find the Erudition Gesture in Elden Ring. Please don’t forget to like or follows us on our TwitterFacebook pageand Instagram accounts.

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