How to get the Ali-A bundle in Fortnite

Fortnite fans can purchase Ali-A’s Icon Series skin.

British YouTuber Alastair Aiken, aka Ali-A, makes content primarily around Fortnite. Aiken is a YouTuber with over 17 million subscribers. Epic Games collaborated with him to create the next Fortnite skin bundle.

How to get the Ali-A bundle in Fortnite

Ali-A’s bundle may be the most impressive and largest in this series. There are eight styles available for the Ali-A skin. These range from Aiken wearing a casual look to a full armored suit that resembles Iron Man to Aiken wearing a more formal outfit. The Ali-A bundle is available for 2,400 V-bucks and includes the Ali-Tech back bling, Alitech Plasmawings gliders, Ali Tech Staff harvesting tool, The Blue A gun wrap, and Lil’ Diplodoculus emotive.

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The best thing about the harvesting tool, back bling and glider is that they can be customized to one of four colors: Uncommon Combat (green), Rare Reaper(blue), Epic Insurgent, Legendarian (orange) and Rare Reaper. You can also mix and match the items to make them truly unique.

You can buy most of the items individually if you don’t want to purchase the entire bundle. The Ali-A skin, which includes the back bling as well as the glider, sells for 1,800 V-bucks. While the staff sells for 800 and the emote for 500 each, the staff is available for 800.

Fortnite has collaborated with many content creators, including Ninja and Bugha. Don’t worry if the Ali-A items you are looking for aren’t available in the shop. Creator Icon skins are always available for purchase.

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