How to Get Red Dye in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 2.7 introduced a variety of new quests that have new expectations and challenges. Similar to previous quests that required you to make certain foods to satisfy the NPC’s. In”On the Stage Behind The Stage” “On The Stage, Behind the Stage” it is necessary to make some red dye. Dyeing using Genshin Impact is required when you are planning to build furniture pieces by making use of the Serenitea pot. In this tutorial we will explain how to obtain red dye from Genshin Impact and how to utilize it in the Serenitea Pot to set up your base.

How to Get Red Dye in Genshin Impact

The ability to create red dye is by crafting. If you click on an item of furniture, you can choose to make a batch of making dye. To create red dye, you require the following items:

  • Sunsettia (1)
  • Carrot (1)
  • Valberries (1)

Red dye is a great option to make furniture However, you’ll have to supply red dye and three pieces of wood pieces to complete your 2.7 upgrade game “One The Stage, Behind The Stage”. If you’d like something, you can find Sunsettia situated in within the Mondstadt region.

What Is Red Dye Used For?

Once you have gained the ability for using the Serenitea Potter, you can access your personal space. You can put furniture in it or even place your favourite Genshin characters within it to receive gifts and earn primogems by gaining an increase in trust. Trust ranks are increased when you design furniture for the very first time. Rewards can include blueprints, primogems and the Vial of Adroital Speed.

To gain access to this feature in the game, you must attain Adventure Rank 28 and complete the Archon quest Chapter I Act III An Astonishing Star Approaches. After you have completed this quest, you will be able to unlock a new quest known as “A Teapot To Call Home”.

This is all we have about making red dyes with Genshin. There are many other dyes available in the market, such as yellow and blue dyes which can be produced using different materials that are found in the world map. These dyes can be utilized for furniture making and furniture, therefore it is important to store up on the ingredients to construct the furniture items.

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