How to Get More Ammo In the Weird West

Ammo is the most important thing in Wild West games. Your ammo will soon run out due to all the gun-slinging that you’ll do in Weird West. There are several ways to get ammo from Weird West. We’ll cover them all in the guide below.

How to Get More Ammo In the Weird West

Here are some ways to get more ammo in the Weird West

  1. You can always scrap any unused weapons that you find.
  2. You can search through containers and bodies.
  3. It can be purchased at merchants.

Scrapping unwanted weapons that you find on your body or in containers is the best way to increase your ammo supply. Instead of keeping it in your inventory, press and hold “G” on your keyboard to remove them. There will be plenty of low-quality weapons that you don’t need, so you can scrap a weapon to get two ammo.

You’ll find a lot Sharpst Quick Iron revolvers and Quill & Medley Spiritstouch Revolvers. Also, you will be able to pick up Stubbs Double-Barrel Shotguns and Service Rifles early in the game. If you don’t need them, you can get rifle ammo, shotgun and revolver ammo by removing all of them.

Looting containers and chests, and searching for dead bodies is another way to locate ammo. When you kill an enemy with a weapon, they will most likely have some ammunition on them.

Remember to look through every item you see. This includes all containers, nightstands and chests as well as bags and any other items that can hold items. You never know what you might discover. It is not uncommon to find slugs out in the open.

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