How to Get Iron In Lost Ark

Find out how to get Iron from Lost Ark, an essential ingredient in researching and upgrading your Stronghold.

I swear, I have thought more about mining iron ore over the past decade than any other time in gaming history. Every major game has been stuffed with iron since Minecraft became popular. Iron is cool, even though it’s oddly consistent. Iron is a versatile metal that can be used to make some cool things, even Lost Ark. Here’s how you can get iron in Lost Ark.

Ore veins can be used to extract iron and other minerals from all parts of the globe. You can even mine ore veins in designated areas of major cities. You can find ore veins by using your Mining Life Skill, pickaxe, and your Mining Life Skill. With any luck, you’ll find raw Iron Ore.

How to Get Iron In Lost Ark

To unlock the ability of mining things, you will first need to complete the quest Crown of Lakebar located in Luterra. You’ll learn about Life Skills and receive your first pickaxe, the Novice Mining Tools. You can purchase higher-quality tools from authorized merchants or you can make them yourself using the right ingredients and recipe.

Once you have your Life Skill, pickaxe and other tools, you can start mining. Be aware that your Life Skill uses Energy of Life. You can only use so much of it in a given day. You can’t do too much mining in a single day. If that happens, all your energy will be consumed and you will have to wait until tomorrow. This is real life tomorrow, and not in-game tomorrow.

The Best Place to Farm Iron

Meteora Island is one of the best places to farm Iron Ore Veins for Lost Ark. A fragment of a fallen meteorite is found on the island. There are many nodes that you can mine, and no mobs will bother you while you’re working. Use the search function to map a route to Meteora.

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