How to get Hellfire Shard in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Hellfire Shard in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak can be difficult to acquire. It’s a special substance that comes from an individual monster, which means you’ll have to hunt the creature on your own or join a small team who are willing to hunt it down. This guide we’ll discuss how to obtain Hellfire Shard. Hellfire Shard in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to get a Hellfire Shard

The only creature that can drop the Hellfire Shard is Teostra. You’ll need to fight with this beast at Master Rank, which means you must go across your way through the Sunbreak campaign. You may have the opportunity to meet the Teostra in the end. If you don’t think of this creature as an option for a Master Rank hunt, we advise working on urgent quests on the Elgado Outpost or leveling up your Master Rank.

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If you are able to take on Teostra in a hunt the most effective method to get an Hellfire Shard is by receiving it in the form of a dropped item or by offering it the player as a reward, which has 30 percent and 31% chance of getting it orally, according to. Another alternative is to defeat Teostra and cutting it off its body or its tail. The tail, however, will be a difficult material to cut. We suggest using a Severing weapon in this instance when you can in the course of the battle.

Unfortunately, Tesotra does not have an opportunity to drop this item if you catch it. So, killing this creature is the most effective way to get the Hellfire Shard. If you’re struggling to get an item like this, you may consider grabbing the Gold Wirebug and ride a creature on it, which provides more material dropped than what you normally receive.

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