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How to Get Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark

Find out how to download that Heavenly Harmony song in Lost Ark.

There’s a myriad of songs and emotes you can sing using your character within Lost Ark. Certain songs are required to get into specific areas in Arkesia or to complete quests or to unlock certain events. One of these songs is Heavenly Harmony, and it’s only accessible from a exclusive island with a limited-time duration. This guide we’ll guide you how to unlock Heavenly Harmony within Lost Ark.

How to Get Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark

Heavenly Harmony can be an anticipated Adventure Reward for participating in the Harmony Island event. To be eligible for this song you must to:

  1. Visit Harmony Island.
  2. Completing your quest on island.
  3. Find the chests.
  4. Explore the chests to have an opportunity to experience Heavenly Harmony.

The first step is to go to Harmony Island, which is situated just to the east of Rohendel. Harmony Island isn’t always accessible it is recommended to look up the Procyon’s Compass to find out when it’s available. Once you have opened Procyon’s Compass then click to Adventure Island to view the availability.

Heavenly Harmony can be an anticipated Adventure Reward for participating in the Harmony Island event. It is possible to complete three quests while on Harmony Island: Pure Sound A Fragrant Sound and Harmony? Help!. Once you’ve completed every mission, you’ll be rewarded with a chest of Clear Sound, a Chest of Aromatic Sound, and the Chest of Harmonious Sound.

Each of these chests offers an opportunity to earn Silver and a Harmony Island Token, as well as The Heavenly Harmony song. The probability of getting the song is not guaranteed If you’re not lucky, it may take several attempts before having the song as well as the Island Token.

That’s how to gain access to Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark. Be sure to keep an eye on Procyon’s Compass every now and then to determine when you’ll be able come to Harmony Island.

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