How to get Gatekeeper Emblems in Dead by Daylight

It is the Gatekeeper Emblems in Dead by Daylight is a trophy you are able to earn while playing the Killer. This will be earned when you finish a game by a score you earned in the fight against the other Survivors. Since you are the only one as a Killer, you can be sure to encounter some issues in this area, however it will increase your score after the Trial. In this article, we’ll try discuss how to obtain Gatekeeper Emblems in Dead by Daylight.

How to get Gatekeeper Emblems in Dead by Daylight?

The every Emblem that appears in Dead by Daylight has different ranking to it. There are four possible Emblems to earn after an event: bronze gold, silver and Iridescent. As you accrue more points from completing specific actions in the Killer’s role, the higher-ranking Emblem you’ll get to be a Gatekeeper. This is the amount of points that you must to earn in order to qualify for an Emblem for Gatekeepers.

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  • Bronze: 10 points
  • Silver 15 points
  • Gold 25 points
  • Iridescent 35 points

The Gatekeeper Emblem is about preventing players from taking on one generators. There are five Generators available during the Trial and the Survivors will attempt to repair the machines prior to the end of the game. If they finish four of these five survivors, all Survivors who are alive are likely to get to the Exit Gate and escape. As an Killer seeking to win that Gatekeeper Emblem, you want to stop gamers from fulfilling these goals in the first place. Every minute that they’re not completing these objectives, you’ll accrue more points.

Each time these generators remain unactivated The Killer will be awarded points based on the number of generators that aren’t operating. This is the complete explanation of how the points system works in calculating the Gatekeeper Emblem.

  • Five points are awarded when five generators have been deactivated and the time has passed by
  • Get four bonus points when four generators have been removed and the time has passed by
  • Earn three points when three generators are disabled and the time has passed by
  • Earn 2 points if two generators have been deactivated and a minute has passed by
  • Earn one point if a generator is turned off and the time has passed by
  • You won’t earn any points If all generators are active
  • Get 10 points for stopping the Survivors from gaining access to any Exit Gate and keeping them closed at the end of an exercise

Even if you do lose the game in the role of an Killer however, there are methods to earn an adequate amount of points to earn your Gatekeeper Emblem. Your aim is to keep the Survivors in the game away from generators. You want to complete the timer to the maximum extent possible. As long as it takes Survivors to finish an exercise, the more points you will earn at the conclusion of the game to earn The Gatekeeper Emblem, but this process isn’t easy since keeping the track of four Survivors is an overwhelming task.

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We suggest finding ways to separate them and to keep survivors focused on helping each other instead of attempting to fix generators. You should be as active as you can in locating them and protect generators.

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