How to get Gargoyle’s Black Halberd in Elden Ring

There are many Black weapons that can be found throughout The Lands Between. Each one of these weapons based on faith is strong and is a must for anyone looking to build an effort to build faith. Gargoyle’s Black Halberd comes equipped with the Spinning Slash weapon art. Its Art of War allows you to use a spinning attack which can strike the enemies around you. You can apply the weapon art another time to create a chain of attacks that culminates in an smash. Here is how you can get the Gargoyle’s Black Halberd in Elden Ring.

How to get Gargoyle’s Black Halberd

To acquire this weapon, you’ll be required to travel towards your destination in the Caelid region. This is the area in East of Limgrave as well as the Mistwood. In particular, you’ll be required to travel to the extreme edge of the Caelid region to the Bestial Sanctum. You are able to reach this region easily by using the warping stones which is located in the back of the Third Church of Marika in the Mistwood.

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It will take you directly towards the Bestial Sanctum. There is a more extensive method to get there making use of the teleportation chest located in Limgrave’s Dragon Burnt Ruins in Limgrave. It will bring you to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. There, you’ll be able to use a variety of Sites of Grace on your journey to the sacred sanctum.

When you have reached the Sanctum You will need be able to turn on your Site of Grace. This will permit you to return to the area in the event that you get killed. Just in front of Bestial Sanctum will be a huge gargoyle that is black. This is called”the Black Blade Kindred. It will not strike you until you take it on. If you attack it, it’ll turn into an enemy. Avoid fighting this foe until you are ready. If you are able to defeat this monster and defeat him, you’ll be rewarded with gargoyle’s Black Halberd.

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