How to get Field Boss Cards in Lost Ark

Check out how to get field boss cards in Lost Ark!

Lost Ark is packed with incredibly detailed ways to enhance and personalize your character. One of the most effective methods to enhance your character’s capabilities within the game is making use of cards. One of the most sought-after cards to play with to play Lost Ark is definitely Field Boss Cards.

In the following section, we’ll look at the information you need about Field Boss cards and the best way to acquire them.

How to get Field Boss Cards in Lost Ark

Cards are a prized item from Lost Ark that can be used to create Card Decks that can be fitted with your character’s characteristics to increase their defensive and offensive abilities.

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The good thing is the fact that it is possible to earn cards from almost every game activity. Sometimes, they’ll show up randomly, and at sometimes you’ll get rewards when you complete quests or for completing events. When it comes to Field Boss cards, there are two sets which can be obtained. Field Boss I and Field Boss II.

Field Boss I

This Field Boss I set features 10 different field bosses which must overcome before you are able to take their cards. This includes: Rudric, Salt Giant, Thunderwings, Rovlen, Wili-Wili, Castile, Chaotic Chuo, Velkan, Signatus, and Proxima. Each one of these will be visible in different areas in the maps.

When you have collected all 10 cards, you’ll receive an additional two points of Swiftness as well as an 0.06 percent bonus against the Undead when you awake at Level 20. Additionally, there is an 0.07 percent bonus against the Undead in Awakening Level between 40 and 50.

Field Boss II

The Field Boss II set features seven bosses that have to defeat before they are able to get their cards. These include: Maneth, Tarsila, Sol Grande, Brealeos, Aporas, Kagros, and Adrinne. Each one of them will be visible across different regions in the maps.

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When you have collected the seven cards, you’ll receive an additional two boost in speed and 0.06 percent bonus against Humanoids the Awakening level 14. Additionally, you’ll receive an 0.07 percent bonus over Humanoids when you awaken at levels between 28 and 35.

Every one of the Field Boss card sets are essential to your character’s progress throughout Lost Ark. They can aid you in surviving longer in battle, and also get rid of large groups in just a few seconds. Therefore, even though they will require some work however, they’re worth the effort and time to acquire.

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