How to Get Fading Twilight in Genshin Impact

This is the simplest way to obtain the brand new Fading Twilight bow in Genshin Impact

In addition to the huge map, amazing graphics and the vast array of characters’ capabilities. One of the reasons that make Genshin Impact so well-known is the regular and consistent updates. In the most recent Genshin Impact 2.7 upgrade, a brand new bow with four stars was released and it’s called known as the Fading Twilight. There are certain prerequisites that bow players must meet prior to acquiring this bow. Fading Twilight.

Here’s everything you must be aware of about how to obtain Fading Twilight in Genshin Impact and if it’s worth it in the first place.

How to Get Fading Twilight in Genshin Impact (& Is It Worth It)

One way for you to obtain Fading Twilight in Genshin Impact is by completing the challenges included in the brand-new “Perilous Trail” event. This is the latest event in the domain that’s connected to the brand newly released Archon Quest that features Arataki Itto, Yelan, Kuki Shinobu, Yanfei and Xiao.

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In the course of the event participants will be required to complete their “Realms of Guile and War” task. The objective is to finish three challenges in three rounds of combat (nine battles in all). The easiest way to complete this is to select the most difficult difficulty level for the game, the default Animosity.

How to get Fading Twilight bow in genshin impact

Because this is an event-limited weapon, there’s no other way to acquire it, except by fulfilling these tasks. The good thing is the fact that this event is scheduled to run beginning today (May 31st) through June 20th in 2022. This means you’ll get plenty of time make use of the latest weapon.

Is It Worth It?

With a base ATK at 565 (at level 90) with it recharges energy to 30.6 (at the level of 90) and the popular “Radiance of the Deeps” perk (which offers 6%/10%/15% an increase in damage). This Fading Twilight bow makes an extremely useful weapon for characters with sub-DPS. It can also change its position in the event of an attack, which can be activated once per seven seconds.

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Furthermore, the weapon offers an 1.5x upgrade reward while during the “Perilous Trail” event is in full swing. If you purchase and then upgrade the bow at the same timeframe, you may get a impressive increase.

The character that is most benefiting from Fading Twilight is obviously Yelan. Fading Twilight spell is Yelan. Because she requires 80 energy source, her burst will require the energy replenish sub-stat. It also works efficiently alongside other sub-DPS characters, such as Fischl.

Overall, it’s worth noting it is free and is able to help a variety of individuals. It’s a worthy investment in time and effort.

At the end the question comes in many peoples mind that who Is Fading Twilight good for Yelen.

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