How to get Diamondguard Sword in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’

Only those who are loyal to Queen Butt Stallion can use the Diamondguard Sword. This legendary blade is a powerful weapon for those who are brave enough to use it. With each hit, this weapon inflicts random elemental damage. It also increases your chance of applying status effects by 10% and stacks up to five more times. You can stack many status effects by meleeing your enemies. This is how to get Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Diamondguard Sword.

Due to its world drop status, the Diamondguard Sword can be difficult to find. It can be dropped from any loot source within the game. You can find it in bosses and minibosses as well as chests and normal enemies. This weapon can be dropped by almost any item in the Wonderlands. This weapon can be cultivated while you are farming for other weapons.

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It takes some time to find the farming location for this weapon because you must first complete the campaign. After you have completed the campaign, you can access the Chaos Chamber. You will be fighting both a miniboss boss and a regular boss in the Chaos Chamber. The Chaos Chamber’s minibosses have the best chance of dropping the Diamondguard Sword. Any room with an obelisk will be home to minibosses. To increase your chances of getting the sword, you can also use your crystals to attack the melee weapon bunny at end of your run. We recommend increasing your Loot Luck stat prior to entering the Chaos Chamber. This will increase your chances to get legendary gear. By finding Lucky Dice and completing the Shrine of Aaron G you can increase your Loot Luck. You can also equip gear that improves the stat.

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