How to get Dazzler legendary spell in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Make your enemies glisten by the force of a strategically placed fireworks. The Dazzler spell generates an explosive projectile that swiftly moves across an area, creating numerous lines as it moves. This projectile is able to cause damage to a target or a groups of targets a lot of times. The spell is only available from the lightning element therefore it’s excellent to also use against wards. Here’s how to gain the Dazzler legendary spell from Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

In contrast to the majority of famous items found that are available in this game, it is possible to will not be able to obtain the Dazzler ability until after you’ve finished the main story. After you’ve completed the main storyline and have completed the main story, you can gain access to the Chaos Chamber within The castle that Queen Butt Stallion has built. This dungeon that is randomly generated is home to numerous enemies to be fought, but more important, it’s the home of an abundance of loot. You can only obtain the Dazzler spell via loot sources found in the Chaos Chamber. There is, however, an opportunity to obtain the legendary Dazzler ability. It’s just a matter of knowing the rules of the game.

get Dazzler legendary spell

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Before you can begin to farm to find this legendary object you’ll want to boost the Loot Luck score. This can be accomplished by locating these Lucky Dice around the various Wonderlands maps, finishing your journey to the Aaron G Shrine of Aaron G, and acquiring gear that increases the chance of getting this stat. Additionally, you can increase the chances of obtaining famous items by playing at higher levels of Chaos. You can boost the Chaos Level by finishing Chaos Trials in the Chaos Chamber. The most important thing to do in order to farm for the famous spell is to gather the most crystals possible during the Chaos Chamber run. After each run, you’ll be able to be able to enter a loot area with rabbit statues. Make sure to spend all your money on the of the statues. This will increase your chance of getting the legendary magic. Spend your crystals on the statue during every run, and you’ll receive the spell in a short time.

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