How to Get Chaser Emblems in Dead by Daylight

With every Trial that you complete in Dead by Daylight, Emblems are earned. They’re not handed to you. Each one requires you to complete a Trial. You can also upgrade them to increase your reward. This guide will explain how to earn Chaser Emblems from Dead by Daylight, and offer some tips for improving their quality.

How do you get Chaser Emblems?

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Killers are awarded the Chaser Emblem for their efforts in chasing down Survivors. You must keep an eye on the Trial’s Survivors and chase them relentlessly. You’ll earn a few points for each chase you start when you find a Survivor. The chase is worth more points if you hit the Survivor twice, so they are downed and can’t be picked up. Your Emblem will be more valuable if you’re good at chasing.

dead by daylight Chaser Emblems

These Emblems will help you increase your Killer Level. This level will determine what rewards you get after the Survivor or Killer levels reset every 13th month. Higher levels will result in more currency and more cosmetics.

How to increase Chaser Emblem quality

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There are a few things you can do to increase the quality of your Chaser emblems. As we have already mentioned, simply spotting a Survivor will earn you points. So keep moving and try to spot as many Survivors possible. While a chase can earn you points, it is not a way to give Survivors a smooth ride. If you can, hit them and get them down. Once a Survivor is hooked, you cannot stay close to them as this will result in the loss of points on your Chaser Emblem. Hook a Survivor, then go off to find your next victim. The Dredge can quickly teleport away a hooked Survivor.

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