How to get Carrouser in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Get your bard on the move to increase your charisma and enchant all of your adversaries by using the legendary Carrouser Sniper rifle. When you strike an opponent using this gun, there’s possibility that your opponent will be enthralled. The effect isn’t to make the opponent your friend. In fact, it causes other adversaries turn on the one that you shot and fight the other enemies. It’s pretty handy for a combination of classes that does not have a partner to spread the burden. Here’s how to gain to play the Carrouser inside Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

The Carrouser is, along with many of the other legendary items found in the Wonderlands is believed as a drop from the world. It is therefore chances of being dropped from any notable loot resource within the game. The most notable loot sources are things like minibosses and bosses chests Lucky Dice, and even ordinary enemies. Everything that could drop loot will drop this weapon. It is why acquiring this weapon a bit difficult. There is a method to acquire this weapon but it’s at the end of the game.

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To obtain the Carrouser You will need to finish the quest. After you have completed the quest, you’ll be granted access to the Chaos Chamber. This Chaos Chamber is a randomized Dungeon which is located in The Queen Butt Stallion’s castle at Brighthoof. Before you begin farming to obtain this weapon you’ll need to increase your Loot Luck rating. This will provide you with an increased chance of obtaining this weapon. While exploring the Chaos Chamber make sure to run for longer periods. During your run make sure to gather as many crystals as you can by completing side objectives as well as selecting crystal chest portals. After your run, you should spend all your crystals in the rabbit statue of the sniper rifle. This gives you the best chance to acquire the infamous the sniper rifle.

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