How to get Blaze of Glory legendary amulet in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

If you’re looking for to obtain the Blaze of Glory amulet, you may have issues in descending. The amulet provides benefits for players who use the Save Your Soul system in the game. If you fall while wearing this amulet, your weapons automatically get reloaded and get a bonus of 30% damage to fire. The drawback of this amulet is it causes the Save Your Soul timer depletes 50% quicker than normal, giving you less time to come back to normal. Here’s how to obtain this Blaze of Glory legendary amulet in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

It is important to note that the Blaze of Glory amulet isn’t available until you’ve completed your Wonderlands campaign. After you’ve completed the campaign, you’ll gain access to Chaos Chamber inside Queen Butt Stallion’s castle. The dungeon that is randomly crafted is home to a myriad of challenging enemies, yet it will also give you some amazing loot. This Blaze of Glory amulet can be found in the Chaos Chamber such as bosses minibosses, bosses and even normal enemies. Even though it can be dropped from a variety of locations it is still possible to collect this item.

Blaze of Glory legendary amulet

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To obtain this amulet it is recommended to begin by expanding your Loot Luck in case you don’t have it yet. You can boost your Loot Luck score by finding your Lucky Dice around the Wonderlands and also by completing your journey to the Shrine of Aaron G. Following that, you’ll be looking to raise the Chaos Level you’re playing with. You can boost the Chaos Level by finishing Chaos Trial sessions in the Chaos Chamber. Once you’re at an acceptable level, begin farming in the Chaos Chamber. You’ll want to collect the most crystals you can in your runs. To get the amulet you want, you’ll need to put all of the crystals to purchase the amulet rabbit statue located in the loot box after your run. This gives you the highest chance to get the amulet.

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