How to get Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark

This is how you find every Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark..

Everyone is aware the fact that Lost Ark is one of the largest maps. There are huge oceans, exotic continents and unexplored islands that require to be explored. This (as you might imagine) could require a considerable amount of time traveling on a vessel.

There are many ways to explore Lost Ark, each with each of its own advantages and drawbacks. One of them is Bifrost which is a way to unlock the game using Bifrost Keys.

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This is all you should learn about how you can get Bifrost Keys within Lost Ark.

How to get Bifrost Keys from Lost Ark

The only way to move in Lost Ark is by traveling to every location in the maps. However traveling through the sea a lengthy and tedious process and expensive, but it’s costly too. That’s why many prefer to utilize bifrost. Bifrost feature to get between locations instead.

Bifrost is essentially an inbuilt ability to teleport that each player is equipped with to use in Lost Ark. It allows you to quickly teleport to any location in the map that you’ve previously saved as your set point. However, before you are able to quickly travel to these regions on the map you’ll first have to get access to Bifrost Keys. This will allow you to access Bifrost. Bifrost feature.


The great news is that the very first Bifrost Key will unlock automatically when you complete Lost Ark. It will be possible to make use of the Bifrost Key in a Bifrost Slot once you’ve obtained an official Shipping Boat license. After you’ve obtained the primary Bifrost Key, there will only be two more available within the game.

Here’s how you can get all Bifrost Key that’s left. Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark:

  1. A second Bitfrost Key you can earn during this game is given to you after you’ve reached the 60th level within Lost Ark. This is simply a matter of having to progress your character using the Roster Levels until the level of 60.
  2. The final Bifrost Key is awarded after you’ve redeemed the nine Ignea Tokens. This can be earned when you’ve achieved 100% of your Adventure Tome progress in the different regions that are scattered across Lost Ark.

There you have it! These are the Bifrost Keys available in Lost Ark and the best way to acquire each.

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