How to get Beastclaw Greathammer in Elden Ring

The Beastclaw Greathammer is a worthwhile weapon for those trying to build strength. If you want to follow the way that the Beastclaw follows, then you’ll need to grab the weapon. The weapon is equipped with the unique ability known as Regal Beastclaw. The ability allows you to smash the hammer to the ground and use your Beast Claw incantation. This weapon is an excellent alternative to the incantation, permitting you to use other spells. Here is how you can get the Beastclaw Greathammer in Elden Ring.

How to get Beastclaw Greathammer in Elden Ring

To get this weapon, you’ll have to travel towards The Bestial Sanctum. The area is located in the outermost reaches of the Caelid region that lies to towards the west of Limgrave. It is possible to access this region by traversing the region on a horse, but this method is not effective.

beastclaw greathammer in Elden Ring

The most efficient way to get to Gurranq’s Bestial Sanctum is to take the warping stone in front of the Third Church of Marika in the Mistwood. This will lead you directly into the Bestial Sanctum where you can discover Gurranq. You can also get to Caelid using the teleportation chest located in Limgrave’s Dragon Burnt Ruins located in Limgrave.

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Gurranq will give you various rewards when you bring him Deathroot. Deathroot is found in catacomb dungeons , or after taking on Tibia Mariners. Each time you deliver him a Deathroot and he’ll give you a new item. If you give Gurranq seven Deathroot and he rewards him by giving you the Beastclaw Greathammer.

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