How to get Bad Egg ward in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Thoatus Punchus, the god of punching is you a believer? This god of strength would love nothing more than for you to punch your enemies in the face. The Bad Egg is reserved for those who believe in this god of strength’s might. This ward increases movement speed by 20% and while depleted, your melee attacks deal an additional 35% of dark magic damage. The healing punches trend is on full display right now. Here’s how to get Tiny Tina’s legendary Bad Egg ward.

Like most legendary items in the game this ward is a world drop. It can be dropped from any loot source in the Wonderlands. Minibosses and bosses, Lucky Dice, treasure chests, and just about any other item that can drop loot are all good examples of loot sources. The ward can be found in almost any place. This also means it may take some time to locate the ward. There is an alternative way to farm this item.

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You will need to make it to the Overworld area that is beyond the Godswell in order to farm this legendary item. Dry’L can be fought in the Godswell. After he has been defeated, move to the right to locate a dungeon which gives you a piece the Throatus Punchus shrine. You will encounter the miniboss Magical Splotch as you progress through the dungeon. To defeat this enemy, make sure you have a fire weapon. If you have enough Loot Luck, Magical Splotch can drop this ward quite often. To increase your chances of obtaining this item, you should raise your Loot Luck.

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