How to get Arcane Bolt legendary spell in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

You can become the most powerful wizard using the Arcane Bolt spell. The spell is quite simple to use, and you can simply fire it, then take it off your mind. It’s unlikely to be forgotten about it too long as it is possible to repeat the spell in the next second. The advantage to this spell lies in the fact that it is a quick cooldown, and it also reduces when you hit an extremely critical hit from the spell. Make sure you have two of this spell and you’ll be throwing off magical energy. This is how you can obtain the Arcane Bolt famous ability inside Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Finding an Arcane Bolt spell can be quite simple. If you are lucky, you can obtain this spell from any place within the game. This is because the spell is regarded as a world drop. World drop items can be found in any notable loot source. The most notable loot sources are such as minibosses, bosses, chests and ordinary enemies. It is good to know that there are couple of locations you can go to in order to use this incredible ability.

Arcane Bolt spell

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To obtain to obtain the Arcane Bolt spell, you have to travel to Vorcanar. Vorcanar is the main character at the close of the Slayer of Vorcanar quest. To meet Vorcanar, first you must finish the Goblins Tired of the Forced Oppression mission. Vorcanar is located inside Mount Craw in the area that is marked by the maps above. It is also possible to get The Arcane Bolt spell from the Chaos Chamber. It is the Chaos Chamber is the area you get after you have won the game. It is located inside the Queen Butt Stallion’s castle. While in the Chaos Chamber, you will have to take on minibosses in order to get the spell. You can also get this spell by spending crystals on the statue of the spellbook rabbit at the conclusion of your journey. Be sure to boost your Loot Luck prior to you hunt for legendary items. This increases your chance of winning the legendary spell.

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