How to get all the evidence in The Quarry

There’s a wealth of collectibles within The Quarry, but evidence is a distinct category. It’s because at some point in the game, the coaches will realize they’ll require evidence of the terrible night they’ve had to endure. This realization will occur in the second quarter of the game, however you must gather evidence well before it happens. There’s evidence in every chapter except for the prologue. This is where you’ll find every one.

How to get all the evidence in The Quarry?

Empty Vial – Chapter 1

How to get all the evidence in The Quarry

Discovered by Abi in the cabins. Take a walk towards the tree located in the middle them and you’ll see an action button that will prompt. She’ll look over the carving, and discover this vial inside tiny holes inside the tree.

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Torn Bags – Chapter 2

Emma is located in the storage area at an area behind the main store. When Jacob chooses to lock the door to allow you in look over the bags that are resting on the shelves at the back of the store.

Bloated Corpse – Chapter 3

How to get all the evidence in The Quarry

To obtain this proof, you need to take particular steps. The first step is to select to take the rotor arm off the van at the beginning of Chapter 1 — refer to our path guide for more details. If Jacob and Emma swim in Chapter 3. You’ll have the option of diving into the water after the arm of the rotor. Then, you can choose to take it in instead of getting it out. When you’ve got the item, Jacob is likely to pass through the body as he heads to the top.

Attack Photo – Chapter 4

How to get all the evidence in The Quarry

The other one is quite unique. If Emma gets to her tree home, you’ll be faced with an option to either open the trap door, or go to the bag. Don’t open the trap doorwhich could get Emma killed. Instead, go through the bag for clothing as well as bear spray and an Taser. When the werewolf is able to enter the room, put the taser. Then, you’ll have the chance to snap a shot when it’s in shock.

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Claw Marks – Chapter 5

The next evidence is located in the cabins along with Dylan. Take a walk towards the radio station and then stop near the fan unit by the staircase. The wood has claw marks on the wood which are worth examining.

Memory Card – Chapter 6

If you cross the walkway with Jacob the walkway will be divided into a triangle shape. Turn right and inspect close to the railing for the camera that was discarded. Jacob will take the memory card from.

Cease and Desist Letter – Chapter 7

If Laura is able to move freely around within the Police Station, walk to the main room. The left side of the room has an unassuming set of stairs. Go up them and then look at the right-hand corner of the back to locate this letter on top of the printer.

Scarred Flesh – Chapter 8

Laura will be able to locate this particular one as she’s walking down the quarry along with Ryan. You can find it after the stairs have broken — it’s in the dirt near the huge rock column at the center on the platform.

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Kaylee’s Letter – Chapter 9

It is located just after Ryan has left the eatery. You can walk straight ahead and discover a small chest on top of an armoire. It is possible to open it and see the letter inside.

Trail Cam Footage – Chapter 10

The last piece of evidence was compiled by Kaitlyn. Take the second floor of the lodge , and proceed past the chimney into the room for art. You can climb the steps to get to a storage area located on the third floor. Take a left off the stairs and look for your small, square container. The tape is in the.

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