How to gain and unlock more Spell Slots within the Elden Ring

Let’s take a look how you can unlock more slots for spell in Elden Ring

Even the best scholars in the world only have a certain amount of room within their brains. If you don’t have an eidetic memory when you’re learning new information it’s likely that other information needs to be thrown out of your brain to create space. This can be frustrating when you’re at school, and could be fatal if you try recall how you can cast spells while having an enormous monster descending on you. To ensure you don’t suffer from a mid-battle brain fog it is necessary to increase the capacity of your brain to hold the ability to cast spells. This is how you can gain more slots for spell within Elden Ring.

How to unlock more Spell Slots in the Elden Ring

If you purchase Sorceries or Incantations for your character’s character in Elden Ring it is necessary to go to the Site of Grace and use the Memorize Spells menu to equip the spells. The issue is that you have only just a handful of slots to add spells to, which means that even if you own the tome to use a particular magic, you cannot apply it unless you have space for it. The positive side is that you can to increase the number of slots for spells that you can use. All you need to do is discover a specific item to increase your memory capacity such as Memory Stones.

When you acquire the Memory Stone in Elden Ring You’ll be able to unlock an additional spell slot up to 10. The more slots you have, the better your spells, which provides you with more options in the battle.

So , where can you find Memory Stones? That’s the issue, I’m worried about. Memory Stones are very scarce throughout the Lanes Between, which means it could require you to play through the entire game just to locate the nine. ,However, in general you can acquire Memory Stones by defeating major minibosses and story bosses in addition to the completion of specific Legacy Dungeons.

If you’re looking for an easy one then you can find it in the Twin Maiden Husks located in the Roundtable Hold hub area have one on sale for 3,500 Runes that may sound like a lot, but believe me when I say it’s well worth it. It is one of the the first Memory Stones you grab in an upcoming game, in case you are able to.

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