How to Free Upgrade Windows 10, 8, and 7 to Windows 11 and Fix the Error

How to Free Upgrade Windows 10, 8, and 7 to Windows 11

Window 11 is going to be released on October 5th. This article discussed How to Free Upgrade Windows 10 8 and 7 version to Windows 11 New OS releases Microsoft. How Windows 11 Free Upgrade in India and Fix Error Secure Boot unsupported problem?

If you are one of the users is searching for How to get windows 11 Free Updates on 10 and 7 previous version Home, Pro, and Ultimate edition, you are in the right place. Since Microsoft launched Windows 11, many users have faced an update error to Free upgrade and update in Windows 11 in India.

Now on countering many windows users, we know that a small percentage of users are unaware that their windows first needs to fix all errors before running Windows 11 Update in India. Also, your system has to be equipped with all the system requirements of windows11 like BIOS, Processor, Memory (Hard Drive/ Solid State Drive), RAM Size, TPM, etc.

Windows 10 users can free to Update Windows 11, but you have to fix it even if you face any issues. Here in this post, we discuss how you can update your previous Windows 10/ 10 Pro, Windows 8, and 7 to the latest version of Microsoft Windows 11 Free Upgrade. Many of you need to know about the system requirements for Windows 11. Then you have to read our previous related articles on System requirements.

Free Update Windows 10 To Windows 11

If you face difficulty running Windows 11 on your system/ PC/ laptop/ tablet, you probably must be unaware of your Device or system errors. So, you can use Microsoft PC Health Check App for this error, which can be downloaded and installed on your PCs. It will not fix an issue but will present all the errors that make Windows 11 run difficult on your computers. With no surprises, Microsoft is still coming up with new updates in Windows 11, constantly pushing their users confused.

How to Fix the TPM2.0 Module for Windows 11?

New update>>> If you are planned to buy a new laptop so, don’t worry because it can support all new Windows 11 and get a free upgrade. Microsoft will roll out a new Operating System Windows 11 Update and Upgrade in October 2021. So after the official releases, you can get the update of WIN11 in your Windows 7, 8, 10. So please stay tuned with us for the latest upcoming updates. Currently, Microsoft has rolled out Windows Insider Preview as a beta version. 

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windows 11 arriving free upgrade officially on 5th October

Windows 11 Update On Windows 10, 7, and 8

If we highlight the new issue for Windows 11, many users find it’s difficult to Free update their Windows old Windows 10, 8, and 7 to Windows 11 latest OS Releases Date in India. But ensure that your system will fulfill the minimum requirements for WIN 11 Update as given by Microsoft’s official releases. Below are some steps are given which might be helpful for you:

  • You need to visit Microsoft’s official website.
  • There you will get all the related information regarding Windows 11, kindly read them, and continue to download Win 11.
  • Also, you will get many options to buy online from many other platforms/websites, including Microsoft. But if you use Windows 10, then you can free download it.
  • Download and Install WIN11 after that.
  • Finally, run Windows 11 into your system.

Guide of Windows 11 Free Upgrade in Your PC

Currently, we know that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently announced that Windows 11 Upgrade Free would be available in October to the existing Windows 10, 7, 8.1, 8, etc. Now that gives some time to Windows users to fix all the errors, bugs to make their PC compatible with the New Windows 11 Check. Also, upgrade their PC according to the latest system requirements. Here we will highlight Windows 11 Free Upgrade details. All the users using Windows 10, 7 (only genuine) Pro, Home, or any other edition can perform this task.

  • You need to set and navigate to the windows “update & security” option.
  • This option is given in your system in the Windows update tab.
  • Then, click and tap on the check box for the new Windows 11 update.
  • If it said ready to update to windows11, then download and install.
  • Now Restart your PC/ Computer for the use of new features of this updated windows version.
  • Kindly, Check Windows Insider Program Access from – Settings>Update & Security >Windows Insider Program, click to Get Started

Users who have signed in to the Windows Insider program can get an early Windows 11 Update on Windows 10. It will update the official announcement of When the Win 11 Update rolls out for all users here. There is no other way from which you can access the WIN11 update or upgrade. So you have to wait and regularly check for any updates.

How to Fix Upgrade and Update Error of Windows 11

The Windows 11 Update has come with some bug and security fixes and new features on the Latest Microsoft OS version. Suppose you want the existing OS version in your system So that you need to update it. You need to download and install the PC Health Check App tool given on Microsoft’s official website. After you successfully download windows 11 and install it in your system, it will run several tests that why your PC has errors.

Now, after that, you will get some pops up regarding the errors which you need to fix. Configure, fix, reboot, upgrade perform all tasks to resolve issues so that windows 11 can run smoothly on your PC. If you have any windows 11 related experience, then share it with our viewers via commenting below.

Note: If you find any wrong information in specs and price, kindly inform us in the comment box.

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