How to Fly a Helicopter in Unturned

Find out the most efficient method to operate a helicopter in Unturned

For those who don’t know, Unturned is an open-world survival game that puts players on a map, where they are able to battle monsters, or even other gamers. One of the things that makes this game different and well-loved is the possibility of creating your own maps with the game’s editor in-game as well as cosmetics and game modes. The game is also free on PC players.

Apart from the zombie thing the world of Unturned is quite realistic. It lets you play as a variety of vehicles, including bicycles, cars as well as planes, helicopters and planes. The latter are extremely complicated to use if you’re not conscious about the control panel.

We’ve included all you must know about the basics of flying a helicopter Unturned below.

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How to Fly a Helicopter in Unturned

You may not believe it that learning to fly a helicopter Unturned is actually quite simple in the event that you are aware of the controls. The way you manage a helicopter can depend on the system you’re playing with.

How to Fly a Helicopter on PC

  • Get a helicopter, a gas bottle and blowtorch.
  • Hold and press “W” to start flying and this can be used to regulate the height.
  • Use the Arrow keys (or your mouse) to move around, and use the “W”, “A”, “S”, and “D” keys to turn as you fly.
  • Turn the helicopter’s nose downwards to speed up its flight or up to slow it down.
  • Hold and press “S” to land the helicopter.

How to Fly a Helicopter on PS4 or Xbox One

  • You will need a helicopter, gas can , and a blowtorch.
  • Press and hold the left trigger to begin flying This will later be used to regulate the height.
  • “X” (or “A” for Xbox) can be used to change seats “L3” (or “LS” for Xbox) will alter the angle of the camera.
  • The helicopter’s nose can be turned down to accelerate its speed or up to slow it down with the right trigger.
  • Turn the left trigger until you are able to land the helicopter.

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