How to Fix Windows 11 VPN Not Working?

Is your Windows 11 VPN Not Working in Windows 11, then here is a detailed guide to fix. In the present, VPN has become one of the most crucial aspects of every device. If you are looking to perform an untraceable task online Internet or you require an unsecure Internet connectivity, in any situation, VPN is something that you’ll need. But, with the most recent Windows update Windows 11, many users have encountered issues with VPN. VPN program. The issue is mostly occurring in users who just downloaded Windows 11 regular patch update.

However, is there a way to correct the issue? It is possible, and this article is about this. We are going to look at the best way to fix the Windows 11 VPN not working issue. Without further delay, let’s dive right into the subject.

Reasons Behind Windows 11 VPN Not Working Problem

There are a variety of reasons why you cannot connect to VPN Service on Windows 11. VPN Service on Windows 11. However, some of the most frequently encountered are given below.

  • An outdated VPN Service or WAN MiniPorts is the main reason why you’re facing this issue.
  • Third-party software can affect the VPN client and eventually lead to the issue you’re facing now.
  • Windows Firewall can also block the VPN client, hindering the smooth use for VPN service on Windows 11. VPN application for Windows 11.

These were a few of the most frequently occurring causes of the problem. Let’s look at different ways to fix these issues.

How to Fix Windows 11 VPN Not Working Issue?

Below are a few solutions that you can use to eliminate this Windows 11 VPN not working issue.

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Fix 1: Reinstall VPN

The first step you can do to correct the issue is to reinstall VPN. VPN client to the Windows 11 PC. There is a good chance that when you upgraded your PC up to Windows 11, some of the VPN files could have been corrupted because of a number of reasons.

So, in order to solve the issue, install the VPN client immediately and then check to see whether the issue has been resolved or not. If so, you’re safe to go. If, however, it persists, don’t panic, go on to the next method of solving it.

Fix 2: Download Latest Windows 11 Update

Another thing you should examine prior to embarking on the complicated solution is to determine if you are running the most recent Windows 11 version or not. It is likely that the issue is by an intermittent Windows glitch. The most effective way to resolve it is to download the latest Windows 11 update. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Use the Windows + I shortcut key in order to launch Windows 11’s Settings.
  • Select”Windows Update” “Windows Update” option present in the left-hand side at the bottom of the display.
  • Then, click “Check for updates”

Examine if you’re experiencing the issue or you are not. If so then it’s time to look deeper into the solutions that are more technical.

Fix 3: Reinstall WAN Miniport (IP) Network Adaptor

Windows is a complicated operating system, so it’s not surprising that it has a variety of drivers needed to keep everything running smoothly. Each component of hardware on the Windows PC is equipped with its individual driver. Everything related to networks is within “Network Adaptor”. Then under network adaptor you will find the WAN Miniport (IP), WAN Miniport (PPTP), and WAN Miniport (IPv6) are the most important drivers accountable for setting up VPN connections. VPN connection.

In the event that there’s a problem with one of these drivers you’re most likely to encounter problems when using your VPN service. Therefore, in order to solve the issue, you’ll need to install all of the drivers. Below are the instructions to follow.

  • Use”Windows” or the “Windows” key from your keyboard to launch the start menu for Windows 11.
  • In the search box, enter Device Manager, and then hit enter.
  • A Device Manager display will open with different drivers in your computer.
  • Click twice to select “Network Adaptors” to expand the selection.
  • Right-click now the WAN Miniport (IP), and choose to remove the device.
  • Repeat the same procedure with, WAN Miniport (PPTP) as well as WAN Miniport (IPv6).
  • After you have removed each of these drivers After that, click”Action. “Action” icon present at the top at the top of your screen.

That’s it. Windows will automatically install the drivers you have removed. Try connecting to an VPN client and check whether the issue has been resolved or not. If not, proceed by following the instructions.

Fix 4: Clear DNS Settings

A wrongly configured DNS setting could trigger the problem mentioned. For a solution you’ll need to clean all Windows 11 DNS settings. This is why we have the steps to follow.

  • Launch the Start Menu by pressing the Windows key.
  • On the bar for searching enter command prompt, then select”Run As Administrator “Run as administrator” option found on the right-hand side on the right side of your screen.
  • On the command-prompt screen, you can type in the below-mentioned commands , then press enter.
    Ipconfig/release,  ipconfig/flushdns, Ipconfig/renew, Netsh int IP reset, netsh winsock reset

The command prompt should take a few seconds to complete the command. After the command is completed then start the Windows PC and check if the VPN Service is connected or it is not.

Fix 5: Change Firewall Settings

As stated in comment section, if you’re having trouble with the Windows 11 VPN not connecting problem, the odds are high that your Firewall settings block your VPN client. Therefore, you’ll need to modify to change the Firewall settings to eliminate the issue. For this follow these steps you must follow.

  • Press the Windows + S shortcut key to launch the start menu.
  • In the search bar , type Windows Defender Firewall, and press Enter.
  • Choose”Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off” option in the left-hand side on the left.
  • When the window appears, choose the “Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended)” option.
  • Then, click ” Ok” to save the settings that you’ve applied, and then close the browser.

Then, determine whether the issue is resolved or it is not. Also, if you’ve got an antivirus program from a third party installed on your computer remove it prior to making use of VPN. The antivirus program could hinder your VPN Service.

Fix 6: Change Registry Settings

Any VPN client, as well as Windows 11 uses UDP to create a low-latency network. However, in the event that there’s any security flaw within it, you’re likely to encounter the problem currently. To correct the issue it is necessary to either create or modify its registry.

The following are the steps to follow in order to get the job done.

  1. Press the Windows + R shortcut key to open the run dialog box.
  2. Within the search box in the search bar, enter ” regedit” and then press enter.
  3. Go to the location below within the registry editor window. Simply copy-paste this location into your address bar. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PolicyAgent
  4. In the left-hand side in the lower left corner of the display, click right on PolicyAgent and choose”New” from the menu “New” option, followed by DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  5. Name the value, “AssumeUDPEncapaulationContextOnSendRule”.
  6. Then, double-click the newly generated value. In the “Value data” section type “2” and click on “OK”.

That’s it. Then restart you Windows 11 PC and try to connect to the VPN client. Examine if the issue has been solved or it is not.

Fix 7: Run Clean Boot

As previously mentioned, a third-party application may also affect the functions of the VPN client. To solve this issue try running an unclean boot on your computer. Clean boot is a straightforward procedure where the Windows PC will boot with only Microsoft programs that are running behind the scenes. This will stop all third-party software from running every time you start.

However these are the procedures you should follow to ensure an unclean boot on a Windows 11 PC.

  • Then, open the run dialog box and then in the search bar type ” msconfig” and hit enter.
  • This code is going to start”System Configuration” “System Configuration” window.
  • Look for toward the “Services” section.
  • Make sure you tick on the “Hide all Microsoft services option”.
  • Then, select”Disable All” and then click on the “Disable All” option, then click”Apply. “Apply” button.
  • After that, click”Startup” after which click on the “Startup” option.
  • On the Startup window, click “Open Task Manager”.
  • It will open the task Manager window will open with all the third-party applications that will start up by themselves on each start.
  • Right-click each app, one at a then select”Disable” “Disable” option.

That’s it. Now, boot Windows 11 PC, and attempt to connect to your VPN client.

Fix 8: Reset PC

There’s a good chance that it will work However, if you’re having trouble with the Windows 11 VPN not working issue, the only solution available to you is to reset your computer. Be aware that resetting your PC will reset all settings back to the default settings. So, make sure that you only follow this procedure if you are working and isn’t possible without the help of a VPN client.

This is what you have to do to reset your Windows 11 PC.

  • Look for Windows 11 settings. Windows 11 settings by pressing Windows + I shortcut key.
  • On the System window, click”System” and then click on the “Recovery” option.
  • Click on “Reset PC” followed by “Keep my files” if you don’t wish to lose your most important documents. If not, you could select”Remove everything” or the “Remove everything” option if you’d like to make an entirely new start.
  • After you’ve finished reseting your computer Connect with VPN. Once you are done, connect to the VPN client. It will be apparent that you’re no longer having issues with the Windows 11 VPN not working issue.

Final Words

This is the solution to fix Windows 11 VPN not working issue. Please let us know in the comments if the issue is resolved or not. Also, you can suggest any other solution you believe will help in this circumstance. Also, don’t hesitate to look through our other Windows 11 guide to solve many issues that arise with your operating system.

That’s the way you can fix Windows 11 VPN Not Working issue in Windows 11. For more information and guide check our website’s, Windows Section. Make sure don’t forget to like or follows us on our TwitterFacebook page, and Instagram accounts.

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