How to Fix MultiVersus Fetching Product Error

Online games will always have bugs as well as errors and issues. There aren’t a lot of games that aren’t plagued by errors or bugs when they first launched. Since the early acces to Beta was made open, MultiVersus has started to show faults and malfunctions. The players are currently being irritated to WB Multiversus fetching error code when they attempt to purchase in-game items (product).

A pre-release version of the game released just one week earlier on July 19 for those who participated in the game’s open playtests or who are participating in the 2v2 tournament that is scheduled to take place in 2022. Evolution Championship Series, where the top 32 teams will battle for a piece of the $100,000 prize pool and also the Drops reward program on Twitch consoles.

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MultiVersus is identical to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros in terms of gameplay. In order to force opponents to leave the area, gamers battle. It’s easier to travel further by a defender if you’re injured. A single uppercut could knock you over the screen, especially in the event that you’ve already taken many damages. The opposing team will earn points if you’re injured or fall outside the designated area.

MultiVersus Fetching Product Error

When users attempt to purchase Characters or packs of Announcers an error message titled “Fetching Product” often occurs. This message “An unknown error occurred while fetching product” is displayed every time users click”Unlock” or “Unlock” button. Users are not able to unlock characters or buy Announcer Packs because of this issue.

If the development team is aware of this issue isn’t known to us. In regards to this error the developers have not made any public announcements.

Method 1: Restart the game.

Some players report that restarting their game for a short time fixed the issue temporarily. Restarting the game usually resolves numerous glitches and errors. However, you will need to restart the game several times to correct any issues that don’t disappear with one restart.

Method 2: Refresh the the game

Be sure that you have a current early access and also. This kind of issue could be experienced even with older versions. So, check if the update is available. Install the update, if you discover one, and the issue will be solved. However, if the game is current but you’re still getting the issue try restarting it couple of times to resolve the problem.


The developers must be responsible for fixing the problem. If we don’t get an answer and we are waiting, we should be patient. There’s a chance that they’re aware of this issue and will fix it before release of the full version however, a couple of restarts will be enough for us to play the game.

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