How To Fix iPhone 14 And 14 Plus CarPlay Not Working

Apple’s CarPlay standard lets the car head unit or radio to show and control the iOS device. IOS 7.1 or higher is supported on every iPhone models, beginning on the iPhone 5. CarPlay is supported by all major auto manufacturers, as per Apple’s official website. The CarPlay system lets users access data saved on the iPhone 14 when connected to Apple’s Lightning port. It can also be wirelessly connected in certain cars including contacts playlists of music as well as calendar events, navigation maps and more. If connecting to an inside-dash system using an iPhone’s Lightning port, or via wireless in certain vehicles.

CarPlay is nearly completely setup-free since it is able to pull details from an iPhone. Unfortunately, CarPlay on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus CarPlay isn’t functioning. As of now there’s no conceivable reason for this to happen. However, don’t fret because we have solutions to fix this issue. So, if the CarPlay is not working properly on Your iPhone 14 and 14 Plus Make sure you do the fixes listed below.

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Why is iPhone 14 And 14 Plus CarPlay Not Working?

You can connect the iPhone to CarPlay using an USB Lightning cable, depending on the vehicle you are using. It is possible to connect your iPhone is also able to be connected wirelessly to your vehicle when it is equipped with Bluetooth capability. There are a variety of reasons CarPlay could stop working when it is used regularly. The reasons to expect this to happen include:

  • This could be a damaged USB cable.
  • Incapacity to recognize iPhones.
  • Bluetooth connectivity problems.
  • Issues when using iOS Updates.
  • Problems with compatibility.

How To Fix iPhone 14 And 14 Plus CarPlay Not Working

Resolving this iPhone 14 or 14 Plus CarPlay not working issue isn’t an enormous issue; you’ll be able to fix this issue by following the steps below. This is why, if you are experiencing this issue look into the steps for troubleshooting below.

Solution 1. Start Your iPhone as well as your CarPlay Systems

CarPlay in the iPhone 11 is a solution quickly and simply with a simple restart of your iPhone along with it’s CarPlay system. This means that the subsequent processes that cause the issue will stop and normal operations is restored.

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The slider of the iPhone is accessible via the steps below:

  • Press and Hold on the power key until the menu is displayed.
  • Move on your iPhone to the right , then switch it off.
  • Try reconnecting the device following a restart for couple of seconds , if it’s not able to do this immediately.

Fix 2: Check Connections

It is possible to do this when you wish to connect with you CarPlay stereo wirelessly or using the use of a USB wired connection. Check that of the charging device’s USB port and iPhone’s USB port fit snugly to the USB ports on your car and iPhone and iPhone, respectively. The cable should be free of fraying and breaks, as it could be the reason behind why CarPlay does not work for you. You may have better results if you look for a different cable.

  • You need to activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the settings of your iPhone to enable wireless connectivity.
  • To turn on Wi-Fi, you must open the options menu and choose the symbol Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is on in the Settings menu , returning to Bluetooth setting.
  • Finally make sure to connect the device your car stereo with CarPlay.
  • To utilize CarPlay in your car Select the car’s stereo in The My Cars or Available Cars list in Settings > General > CarPlay. CarPlay.

Solution 3 Bluetooth Problem with CarPlay On Your iPhone

If you find that your CarPlay is not functioning properly You may have to investigate the issue with the issue with your Bluetooth connection. If this occurs to you, the first thing you need to do is to deactivate your Bluetooth connection on your iPhone or tablet, then restart the handset, and test to use CarPlay once more.

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When your CarPlay isn’t working, look into your Bluetooth settings and determine whether any of your old connections interfere.

Solution 4: Reset and Update Your Vehicle’s Infotainment System

CarPlay problems that are not working can often be due to the infotainment system inside your car. The system needs to be reset and upgraded in this situation. Your vehicle should be turned off and then restarted.

To accomplish it, your system needs to be reset and restarted. Sometimes, this isn’t enough because turning off the car will only put it into sleep mode.

Solution 5: Deactivate USB Restricted Mode

USB Restricted Mode stops hackers from gaining access to your data by connecting an USB gadget to the Lightning connector on an iPhone or iPad. Automatically disconnecting your USB connection to the data network after a predetermined time period is activated through this feature.

  • Enter Settings and select an appropriate choice if do not want to use Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone.
  • Select Allow Access If locked and enter the password.
  • After USB Restricted Mode is turned off, navigate into Settings, Devices >> USB Accessories and toggle the ON switch.
  • Although the fact that your iPhone having been locked the Lightning-based phone accessories remain in use when you disable this feature. However the disabling of USB Restricted Mode can expose your iPhone to higher risk. It is possible to turn it on when not in use , and switched off when using CarPlay when it is more suitable for you.

Solutions 6: Make Sure CarPlay is Enabled

The CarPlay system could be accidentally turned off and not remembered to turn on. Therefore, you must ensure that you have the CarPlay feature is turned on.

  • Go to Settings – Screen Time – Privacy & Content.
  • Then then, scroll down and unblock any CarPlay limitations.

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Solutions 7: Try Different USB Cables and Ports

It’s possible that your device won’t connect to CarPlay when you are using cables or USB that’s not compatible. Be sure to use the correct cable.

If the problem continues to persist even after switching to a USB port, then it isn’t the cable that is the reason. In most vehicles, Apple CarPlay can be operated through multiple USB ports. It might be beneficial in this case to test a few USB ports, to determine if they help.

This is how you can solve your iPhone 14 and 14 Plus CarPlay not working issue. We hope that this guide given you some help. If you have any concerns or concerns about this topic please leave a comment below and tell us about it.

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