How to Fix Gundam Evolution Error code 503 Maintenance in Progress

Gundam Evolution, a new free-to-play first person shooter video game that falls under the Gundam anime universe, is now available. The game is currently free to play, but there are a lot of problems with it. Sometimes the server pressure can also be caused by the large number of players. Many players are experiencing the Gundam Evolution Error code 503 Maintenance In Progress on multiple platforms.

This error message is displayed whenever players attempt to connect to game servers. It says “Maintenance In Progress [Error code: 503]”. The error 503 is basically a message indicating that there is an issue with server connectivity. This could be caused by the maintenance of the server. Not everyone gets the Gundam Evolution server error message.

How to Fix Gundam Evolution Error code 503 Maintenance in Progress

We should mention that the error code 503 may reappear in the future when Gundam Evolution developers perform maintenance. As the game progresses day by day, we expect that players won’t get the maintenance in progress error with each patch update. We have provided a few possible solutions to temporary glitches.

Fix Gundam Evolution Error code 503 Maintenance in Progress

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1. Check the Server Status

Gundam Evolution Error Code 503 maintenance in progress is basically when the game servers go down. You can check the Gundam Evolution server status using the official @gundamevolution twitter handle. You can wait for the server to fix itself and then try again. To avoid any temporary issues, it is possible to reboot the game and the gaming device.

2. Always make sure to change servers

Bandai Namco is committed to ensuring that Gundam Evolution runs smoothly by deploying hotfixes and fixing server issues as often as possible. Players may occasionally encounter error code 503 during server maintenance. If this happens, you can try to manually locate alternative servers by following these steps.

  • Launch Gundam Evolution & Click Matching Area’ on the main menu.
  • Switching the game server that you wish to connect to is an option.
  • It is highly recommended that you stick to the closest servers in your area to ensure low latency and ping.

3. Test the Internet Connection

To ensure that there are no issues with your internet connection, you should test it. A poor or unstable internet connection can cause serious problems. To check the problem, make sure you switch from your wired to wireless connection. You can power cycle the Wi-Fi router in some cases to ensure there are no issues with the router’s firmware. Follow these steps if you are using a console.

  • Go to the PlayStation Home Screen & Select Settings.
  • Select Network & Choose Internet Connection.
  • To check for an issue, make sure you allow the test run.


  • To open the guide menu, press the Xbox button.
  • Select Profile and system & You can choose Settings.
  • Select General & Choose Network Settings.
  • Select Test network connectivity & Run the test.

For technical assistance, contact your service provider if you experience an internet connection problem.

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4. Contact Gundam Evolution Support

If none of these methods work for you, contact Gundam Evolution Support to get further assistance. You can create a support ticket to the developers and get solutions or upcoming patches fixes for Gundam Evolution Error code 503 Maintenance in Progress.

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