How to Fix Fall Guys Failed to Login, Please Check Your Connection Error

The Fall Guys is a no-cost online battle royale game based around jellybean characters. It allows up to 60 players are able to get involved in a game at a time. Mediatonic is doing a great job with this game, with the assistance of publishing it through Epic Games & Devolver Digital. There is a recent report that players are experiencing this Fall Guys Failed to Login Please Verify Your Connection Error error while trying to play the game. It is a real pain for everyone.

It’s important to note it’s been reported that Fall Guys game servers are experiencing a lot of activity since the beginning of the game, which has caused server connectivity issues as well as ‘Failed To Login’ errors in all forms. For those who don’t know, Fall Guys became one of the most downloaded and played battle royale games available on the market in the year. Because of an increase in active players playing online, Fall Guys servers become inaccessible or do not connect correctly in many areas. But don’t worry.

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How to Fix Fall Guys Failed to Login, Please Check Your Connection Error

There are, however, several possible solutions provided below to aid you. In the beginning, when fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game first launched the players had reported server problems with connectivity and Mediatonic has issued patches to address the issue. However, the game did not go as planned and caused further issues for players. The same type of scenario has occurred time and time again, but it is corrected by hand.

1. Check Fall Guys Server Status

In the beginning, you must read the Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Server Status prior to making any other conclusions. Many online multiplayer video games are in conflict with servers’ capacity, or even scalability if a large number of players join online. In this scenario, the majority of players could be affected by game servers and may not be able into the games. You can also join this Fall Guys Server Owl’s official fall guys server Owl twitter address first.

This page will provide all the server-related information and updates in real time from both developers and players. If you’re still uncertain about what’s happening, you may want to visit this third party downDetector’s status website for real-time reports from servers. There’s also how often outages are occurring and last 24 hours’ server information users’ reports, and much more.

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If you experience a server downtime or outage , then be sure you wait for a couple of hours. If you’re lucky enough to find that there’s no issue with the server in the moment, then you’re ready to go to the next option.

2. Check the Internet Connection

It is also possible to check your internet connection to see if it’s functioning properly at you end, or not. If your connection is weak in terms of speed and stability, then chances are that you’ll encounter problems with connectivity to servers when playing on-line multiplayer game. It’s recommended to call you ISP (Internet Service Provider) for assistance with technical issues. If needed, you must upgrade your current plan to increase speed and data limits.

If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi (wireless) connection in order to access in the Fall Guys game then you need to try using a different network of Wi-Fi or use an Ethernet (ethernet) connection to play for a period of period of time to verify that you’re not getting the Fall Guys Failed to Login Please Verify the Connection Error if it’s being experienced or is it not. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router shouldn’t be located too far away from the gaming device and that there’s no significant obstruction between them to improve signal quality.

3. Power Cycle Your Router

Sometimes, your Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi hub may not function effectively to its fullest potential due to a short-term error in firmware. It is suggested to run the power cycle procedure for the router to quickly refresh the network connectivity in any way. For this, follow these steps:

  • Switch off your Wi-Fi router first. Then wait until all the lights stop flashing.
  • After that, disconnect the power adapter both from the router and power source.
  • You’ll need to wait at least 5 minutes prior to plugging the power adapter back into.
  • Then, Power ON the Wi-Fi router and connect with the network, and look for the problem again.

4. Flush DNS Cache

Be sure to clean all DNS cache of your system to delete cache files that are stored in relation to internet configuration. It will also allow the PC and internet settings to reconnect to the game servers, and avoid any damaged or old cache information. How to do this:

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  • Click the Windows key on your keyboard to launch it. start menu > Enter Command Prompt and then search for it.
  • In the meantime, right-click on the the Command Prompt > Choose Run as Administrator.
  • Click “YES” to run the command with administrator access. Once the command prompt appears enter the following command and press the Enter key one at a time to execute them all:
Ipconfig /flushdns 
netsh winsock reset 
netsh ip int reset 
ipconfig, release 
ipconfig, renew
  • A successful message will display > Close the Command prompt window.
  • Then, restart the PC to update the settings.

5. Use a Public DNS Address

It could also be that your particular DNS server address that was assigned through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is not working properly. Try changing the DNS server’s address and use a publicly accessible domain such for Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS to improve speed and accessibility. Follow the steps below to integrate the public DNS onto your computer.

  • Use on the Windows + R shortcut keys on your keyboard to start the Run dialog box.
  • Enter control, then click Enter to open the Control Panel.
  • Click on Network and Internet > Select Network and Sharing Center.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab on your Connectivity to choose Ethernet Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or other options based on the device you’re using.
  • Then, click the Properties and then Click twice in Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP IPv4) to open a new window.
  • Select Use the DNS server addresses below and enter as a preferred DNS Server.
  • You’ll need input as the alternate DNS Server > Check the box that says Verify settings after your exit.
  • Click “OK” for confirmation of the change.. Launch Fall Guys. Launch the Fall Guys game now to verify the issue of logging in.

Notice: If in case there is still a problem with Google DNS, you could try an alternative Cloudflare DNS server by substituting with as the preferred DNS Server in addition to to be the alternative DNS Server.

6. Repair Game Files

If, in the event that your game’s files are lost or corrupted because of an unexpected cause, ensure that you verify and repair the game’s files in a proper manner using the following steps:

  • Open the Epic Games Launcher > Click on Library.
  • Select the three-dot icon in the middle of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout..
  • Click “Verify,” and it will begin to verify the game’s files. If there’s an issue in the game’s files, it will try to fix the issue.
  • Allow the process to finish. Once it is done you can restart the Epic Games Launcher to try again.

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7. Contact Fall Guys Support

If none of these methods have worked, consider reaching out to the Fall Guys Support for assistance. It is important to submit your report and make tickets for quicker resolution.

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