How to Finish The Abducted Blacksmith side quest in Weird West

Abducted Blacksmith mission: Abducted Blacksmith side quest is one of the earliest side missions you can complete in Weird West However, certain quests may not be available. it on offer. The reason is that, when the quest is completed the players will be given an hour or so to complete the quest. This is logical considering that the quest is about grieving spouse asking the protagonist Jane Bell to find her missing husband’s blacksmith, Grackle prior to it being too late.

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The game can be started The Abducted Blacksmith by speaking to Tammy Taylor’s wife. Tammy Taylor, in the north-western part of Grackle. The quest gives you just five days to save your husband, and the most of the time will be spent travelling, so take note of where you go to during the mission. As long as you have minimum three days remaining it should give you plenty of time to finish the mission.

Abducted Blacksmith side quest in weird west

The Blacksmith is located in Greenwood Run, trapped in an enclosure by the Stillwater Gang. Anyone who is just beginning their journey can explore the town by playing this story, and then following the the trails that take them to the town. Beware, the blacksmith’s cage is secured, and we suggest taking a look or purchasing 50 bullets before you go into. In addition the cage will require three lockpicks, or a key that is specialized for it. It is possible to find the Prisoner Cage Key beyond a hidden cellar door inside the closest house close to the cage.

Then you should be able to liberate the blacksmith and follow him back to Grackle , where you will be able to see his wife and finish the quest. With her husband away from danger, Tammy will reward you with a 2-star Copper Quill & Medley Spiritstouch pistol, an assault weapon that has 22 damage and a 12-round magazine and a lightning fast firing rate.

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